Low Risk, High Reward: The Chiefs Should Sign Josh Rosen

Low Risk, High Reward: The Chiefs Should Sign Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has had nothing short of a disappointing career thus far in the NFL. The former UCLA Bruin was selected tenth overall by the Arizona Cardinals, but has not been able to find a permanent job thus far in the NFL. The Chiefs are set for the next decade at starting quarterback. Their backup, Chad Henne, is 36 years old and after that is two undrafted rookies.

The Chiefs should sign Josh Rosen.

Rosen’s career

Rosen started 13 games for the Cardinals in his rookie season. He finished with a completion percentage of 55 percent, 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Unfortunately for him, he played behind a very porous offensive line and was under constant pressure. The following year, Kliff Kingsbury took over as the new Cardinals head coach. Kingsbury swore up and down that Rosen was the Cardinals QB, but then they drafted Kyler Murray first overall. That ended Rosen’s tenure in Arizona.

After the Cardinals drafted Murray, they traded Rosen to the Dolphins for a 2nd and 5th round pick. Rosen was named the backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick. After poor performances from Fitzpatrick, Rosen found his way into the starting lineup. Rosen found little success with the Dolphins. The Dolphins also had extremely poor offensive line play that year. He was benched after starting just three games, and that is where he stayed for the remainder of the season. The Dolphins drafted Tua Tagovailoa fifth overall in that years draft. They waived Rosen in September after not being able to find a trade partner.

Tampa Bay was Rosen’s next stop. He was signed to the Buccaneers practice squad shortly after being waived by the Dolphins. He sat there until the 49ers signed him in December. Injuries to Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Mullens left the 49ers desperate at the QB position and Rosen made sense as a cheap signing.

Rosen never found his stride in San Francisco. He was cut by the 49ers on August 17th, 2021.

Rosen is only in his third year in the NFL. His career is in clear turmoil. There is no better place to save your career than Kansas City.

Why the Chiefs?

Andy Reid is one of the best head coaches of all-time. He is known for his work with quarterbacks and offensive schemes. He adapted his west coast offense into an air-raid hybrid. This was all-in an effort to maximize Patrick Mahomes’s skillset. The wide open offensive scheme the Chiefs run would be an excellent fit for Rosen. He played in a similar scheme at UCLA.

He would also be surrounded by some of the best talent he has ever been around in Kansas City. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are two of the best players at their position. The Chiefs also have a completely revamped offensive line. The Chiefs have created depth and talent at both the skill player positions and the OL. This would give him an opportunity to thrive.

There are currently two undrafted rookies battling behind Chad Henne for the third QB spot. Anthony Gordon and Shane Buechele have put in solid performances thus far this pre-season and camp. However, with Rosen’s pedigree and talent, he should beat them out for the third spot.

This type of signing would be a move we have seen GM Brett Veach make numerous times. Veach loves to take shots on former first round talents that other teams have given up on. It happened this year at the cornerback position. He traded for Mike Hughes and signed DeAndre Baker.

The upside of signing a player like Rosen could have a huge payoff with very little risk. This year he could be the third string or on the practice squad behind Chad Henne. When Henne retires he could step in and be the permanent backup. He could also show out and the Chiefs could trade him for future assets.

It just makes sense

Quarterback is obviously an extremely important position in the NFL, one teams are willing to trade for. The Carolina Panthers just traded for Sam Darnold. They gave up a 2nd and a 4th round pick for the QB who has had his struggles thus far in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals traded QB Ryan Finley to the Houston Texans for a 6th round pick. The Indianapolis Colts traded for Carson Wentz. They gave up a 2021 3rd round draft pick and a 2022 2nd round draft pick. Those were just the trades this year involving the QB position.

This pairing makes sense for both sides. It is a chance for Rosen to revamp his career with one of the best organizations in football. He would get to learn from one of the best head coaches and offensive minds of all time. Additionally, he would learn behind the best quarterback in football, Patrick Mahomes. Also, he would play with some of the best talent he ever had.

For the Chiefs, it is a low risk, high reward move. One result could be as an organization you get your backup quarterback of the future. Another could be that you have a valuable asset available for trade. The other side is, it just doesn’t work out. That is not a big deal though because you never invested that much into the move anyways.

Rosen is certainly at a critical time in his career. He is going to have to make some moves soon if he wants to continue in the NFL. There is no better place to do so than Kansas City. The Chiefs have a chance to make a roster move with a solid payoff for little risk. It is a move that just makes sense.

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