Miami Dolphins 2021 NFL Draft Day Three Breakdown, Predictions, And Grades

With this article posted, the 2021 NFL has officially come to a close for the Miami Dolphins and/or the rest of the league. On Day Two, the Dolphins have drafted a safety in Jevon Holland, an offensive tackle in Liam Eichenberg, and a tight end in Hunter Long. While some question the selections, some picks fill gaps within this young roster, and others make good cores stronger than ever.

The Dolphins still have needs to fill, so let’s break down, predict the stats, and grade these final two players the Dolphins have selected in Day Three:

The Dolphins Trade Out

With no prospects that were worth drafting for the Dolphins, the Dolphins trades out of the fifth round to the Pittsburg Steelers. The Dolphins traded their 2021 fifth-round pick for a 2022 fourth-round pick from Pittsburg. With all the running back prospects taken, there was no need for this pick. Not a lot of teams got a ton of good looks from prospects due to this pandemic-ridden year.

However, don’t think this trade was horrid in any way, shape, or form. GM Chris Grier and the Dolphins’ draft team turned a fifth-round pick this year for a fourth-round pick next. That’s a good flip, and it could benefit the future of the Dolphins’ franchise.

Trade Grade: A

Round Seven, Pick 231: Larnel Coleman, Tackle, UMASS

With the 231st of the seventh round, the Miami Dolphins select Larnel Coleman, tackle from the University of Mississippi. He’s 6’7″, weighing in at 300 pounds; he has started both at right tackle and left tackle, as he stated in an interview. He’s also not concerned about playing guard at the next level. This means he can plug and play anywhere in the o-line if injuries start to arise.

The Coleman Breakdown

On his skillset, he makes it difficult for defensive ends or linebackers to get around due to his length and footwork; you can thank the great footwork from his basketball days. He stated in an interview on he used his length on defenders:

A lot of defenders have a hard time even reaching my body. If I can make that first move and read their moves, I can shut down whatever they’re trying to do thanks to my length

He was a high-interest prospect coming into this year’s draft, and just his physical numbers alone show why. There isn’t a lot of film coming out from him, which is why he was low on the draft boards. Plus, UMASS only played four games last season, so again, the low amount of film on him still stands. He could be a diamond in the rough player if all goes well.


Coleman will be fighting for a spot on the roster this offseason. If he makes it, he’ll be a backup to the tackles and guards on the o-line. His time to play will come if either a starter isn’t doing as well as he should or injuries start to arise. There isn’t much to expect here, but we all wish him success at the NFL!

Draft Grade: B

Round Seven, Pick 244: Gerrid Doaks, RB, Cincinnati

With the 244th pick of the seventh round, the Miami Dolphins select Gerrid Doaks, running back out of the University of Cincinnati. Standing at 6’0″, and weighing in at 230 lbs, he comes in as a filler for this running back room. In his senior year at Cincinnati, he played nine games where he rushed for 637 yards and seven touchdowns, and in the receiving end, he caught 14 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns.

The Doaks Breakdown

Doaks seems like a receiving back, and the numbers don’t lie at all. He possesses great hands, and he has great vision, being able to see through defensive holes and find ways to gain a motherload of yards. He is also a power back running-wise, and he’s aggressive when running the ball, shedding tackles with pleasure. He’s also a great pass blocker, as shown on film; this could help a ton in play-action pass plays.

His main issues are as follows: injury concerns and consistency. He was never a consistent focus on the Bearcat’s offense, and he had his fair share of injuries in college; he missed his whole 2018 season due to injury. However, there is some untapped potential the Dolphins could bring to light in the NFL.


He will have to grind his way for a spot on the roster this offseason, but that shouldn’t be a problem due to his skill set previously mentioned. If he does make the team, he’ll probably be playing behind newly signed RB Malcolm Brown and Salvon Ahmed if everything goes as usual; Gaskin isn’t the answer. With that said, let’s predict his stats:

  • 52 rushes
  • 246 yards
  • 4.7 yards per run
  • Three touchdowns
  • 10 catches
  • 121 yards
  • 12.1 yards per ctahc
  • One touchdown

Draft Grade: B

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