Mid-Season Update On NFL MVP Race

The 2020 NFL season has reinforced previous narratives as well as changed the landscape of the future of the NFL. This seems like a contradictory statement, but the concept of contradiction may truly define the season we as fans have endured.

The Kansas City Chiefs have continued to dominate, while the Pittsburgh Steelers have surged and the New York Jets have languished. The Falcons have continued to choke, and Brady continues to both defy Father Time while also throwing in some bad games to allow Brady haters to call him washed up.

Despite those familiar storylines, plenty of formerly established talking points have disintegrated before our own eyes. The New England Patriots are struggling and the Cleveland Browns are rising, the Seattle Seahawks are an offensive focused team, and the current NFC East division leader is below .500.

With so much uncertainty ahead, let’s analyze the MVP race because there is no chance this article will age poorly:


Russell Wilson- Quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

If the season ended today, “DangeRuss” would be the MVP Winner. Wilson has thrown for 2,541 yards so far this season while tossing 28 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Every game the Seahawks participate in is in play simply because of Russ’s performance, and he does not seem to be slowing down any time soon

Patrick Mahomes- Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Many would say Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league, and the very least one could say is he possesses the most talent. The young gunslinger has thrown for 2,687 yards while adding 25 touchdowns to only one interception so far this season. While these stats seem to be better than Wilson’s, his stacked team and recent win probably put him a little behind. Regardless, Mahomes could easily take this award.


Kyler Murray- Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals

The 2019 first overall pick has certainly shown that his decision to pick football over baseball has paid off. The shifty playmaker has flourished in coach Cliff Kingsbury’s offense, Murray has thrown for 2,130 yards while adding 16 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Murray’s stats don’t compare to the frontrunner candidates, but a late-season surge by the Cardinals that would secure an NFC West title could get him there.

Aaron Rodgers- Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Rodgers easily could win the award, but his past success may doom him. Rodgers has thrown for 2,253 yards while adding 24 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Rodgers continues to be elite, and if the Packers could take the No. 1 seed in the NFC, he may win the award.

Josh Allen- Quarterback, Buffalo Bills

Allen makes a strange case. The strong-armed representative of the Bills Mafia has thrown for 2,587 yards and has tossed 19 touchdowns to five interceptions. While his stats certainly line up, many still struggle to label him as elite, and this may truly hold him back. If Allen continues to play like how he did against the Seahawks last week and the Bills finish the season strong, he may win the award.


These players will not have a blurb, however, they can all be classified as having solid seasons, and belonging in the conversation, but at this point, a win would be surprising:

  • Tom Brady- Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Derrick Henry- Running Back, Tennessee Titans
  • Ben Roethlisberger- Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dalvin Cook- Running Back, Minnesota Vikings
  • Ryan Tannehill- Quarterback, Tennessee Titans
  • Drew Brees- Quarterback, New Orleans Saints
  • Lamar Jackson-Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

I will likely be completely wrong, but from this columnist’s eyes, Russell Wilson will take the cake here!