Mike Gesicki; Will He Breakout In Year Four?

Mike Gesicki; Will He Breakout In Year Four?

Every team has that one player they expect to break out and shine like the rest of the bigger names in the NFL. For the Dolphins, there are a few players to gander at. However, one name that stands out the most is none other than Mike Gesicki.

Gesicki is entering his fourth year with the Dolphins, which is also his contract year. Last season, in 15 games (nine starting), Gesicki caught 53 passes for 703 yards and six touchdowns (all career highs). He also had 13.3 yards per reception, along with a 62.4 catch percentage.

Gesicki has shown flashes of greatness in his time in Miami, but can he have a breakout year and prove to the Dolphins organization that he deserves a second contract? Let’s find out now:

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Mike Gesicki’s Snap Counts And Stats

As stated up above, Mike Gesicki had 53 receptions for 703 yards and six touchdowns. While this may seem above average for a tight end, it is actually pretty spectacular, considering his playing time. In 2020, Gesicki only played in 58% of the offense’s snaps; also, recall he only started nine games, too. Putting up those types of stats with significantly less playing time is exceptional.

Moreover, we must understand that his playing time will certainly rise as no one is challenging him to be the starting tight end this season. The only one closest to beating him out is rookie Hunter Long, yet the chances are still practically one percent. HC Brian Flores and OC’s George Godsey and Eric Studesville will play him as much as possible to see if he really is the TE for the future.

With Snap Counts To Rise…

We can also expect his stats to significantly increase and his targets to increase. Yes, the Dolphins added Will Fuller V and Jaylen Waddle this offseason; but, that still doesn’t change the fact that his snap-count playtime will be upwards of 80-85%. By judging by last season, Tua has a lot of faith in Gesiki to make plays. If he’s Tua’s number one or two target (like how Kelce is with Mahomes), we could see him have 100+ targets if he stays healthy, which shouldn’t be a problem.

With his catch percentage added in, and if it improves, he could have north of 850 yards, and quite possibly 1000+ if he and Tua break lose.

The Mike Gesicki To Tua Connection

It seems as though Gesicki likes what Tua is doing within the Dolphins’ organization:

That some good praise coming from one of the few reliable pass catchers last season, and it seems as though there may be a connection growing between them this offseason. Of course, this is all speculation as I don’t know any of them personally, but it wouldn’t be shocking. Tua wouldn’t throw it his way over 45 times last season if he didn’t trust him.

As the offseason moves along and as each of them continues to adjust to the playbook, I could see a grand QB-TE duo forming. It could be just like what we see in the AFC West from Mahomes-Kelce and Carr-Waller.

Final Verdict

I do believe that Gesicki has a great shot to break out this season so long as he doesn’t get injured. Here’s what I think his stats may look like:

  • 105 targets
  • 69 receptions
  • 980 yards
  • Eight touchdowns

Do you think Gesicki will break out? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion!

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