Mike LaFleur Needs To Be Better, And So Does The Rest Of The New York Jets Offense

Mike LaFleur Needs To Be Better, And So Does The Rest Of The New York Jets Offense

As a New York Jets fan, I thought this year would be challenging due to being a young team with a young coaching staff. With New York drafting another rookie quarterback in my lifetime, I knew what to expect. Pure talent-wise, Zach Wilson is the most talented quarterback I’ve seen play for New York.

I know that doesn’t mean much. But, that doesn’t mean that he is still raw and needs to be coached. First-time Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur has made plenty of questionable decisions since he has been an offensive coordinator.

Already Going To The Media?

I would go back to training camp when LaFleur called out star left tackle Mekhi Becton, “Mekhi’s going through some things right now,” LaFleur said on Aug. 19. “He’s not playing at his best and he knows that.” The next day, Becton took the stand to talk about LaFleur’s comments, “I’m not going to lie, I was a little confused by it,” Becton said. “But it is what it is. Yeah, I’ve overcome it. But I don’t know what that was.”

I have nothing wrong with criticizing star players; that makes sure that everyone on the team is held accountable. What I don’t like is someone being a first-time coordinator calling out a player through the media, especially the first time something doesn’t go right at practice. Don’t go to the media and complain; go straight to the coaching staff or Becton.

Keep That Stuff In House

Becton had an up and down training camp, so I do understand where LaFleur is coming from to an extent. Then, later Becton has to be asked questions that he didn’t know the answers to. Rookie mistake on LaFleur; keep that stuff in-house.

Why Is Mims Not Playing?

One of the biggest questions I have for the whole coaching staff is why isn’t Denzel Mims not playing? Mims struggled in practice last year with the old coaching staff but played better during the games. It’s the same thing this year.; some guys are just like that in sports. Kill it in practice, but once it’s game time, they don’t have it, and vice versa.

Davis Needs To Step Up

New York wide receivers as a group haven’t been good. Corey Davis was New Yorks’s big move in the off-season. Davis has been struggling to catch the football every game this year. Jamison Crowder hasn’t played this year due to Covid. Last game, he was a late scratch for whatever reason. Crowder is a good receiver who would have value on the trade market.

New York’s General manager Joe Douglas should get something for Crowder now. Crowder is a free agent next year and doesn’t want to be in New York for “long-term” plan. Wilson needs to figure out who he has chemistry with; don’t get me started with Keelan Cole getting reps over Mims.

Wilson And Mims Sooner Or Later?

Mims can go vertical to spread the field. Now is the time for Wilson and Mims to start to develop chemistry. It is one of the most puzzling moves for this sad New York season, yet again.

Wilson isn’t off the hook either. With New York’s offensive line being god awful, Wilson doesn’t have a lot of time making his reads. Having said that, stop looking for the homerun play. LaFleur and Wilson need to be on the same page when it comes to expectations on all plays.

This is going to be a rough year for New York. LaFleur, with head coach Robert Saleh, needs to be on the same page as well. Wilson needs to show that he be an NFL quarterback, not a college quarterback. It doesn’t help that New York doesn’t have a decent tight end of the roster.

O-line, Please Be Better

The offensive line needs to be a lot better. With Becton already out for a while, it doesn’t help. New York starting right guard, Greg Van Roten needs to be replaced. Van Roten going to the media to throw his rookie quarterback was a clown move. Again, stop going to the media about everything. Saleh needs to tighten it up in the locker room.

Mims needs to start playing, there are no more excuses for him, not the play. The more game reps, the better.

This is another long season, but that doesn’t mean Wilson can have a solid rookie year. It starts with him not looking for the homerun play. To be fair, it would be nice for his receivers to start catching the football more often. LaFleur needs to be better, plain and simple.

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