MLB Stars That May Be Dealt At The Deadline

Every year around this time, rumors start to come out about major stars on underperforming teams, or players in the last year of their deals that might get traded. Let’s take a look at three top players that might get dealt this season:

1. Trevor Story

Trevor Story is constantly a name to watch when it comes to stars getting dealt, but even more so this year. Story is in the last year of his current contract before he becomes an unrestricted free agent this offseason. The Rockies are in second to the last place in all of MLB and last in the NL, so they are a prime candidate to trade away anyone that is performing and not part of the long-term plans. The Rockies already made one monster move by trading Arenado to the Cardinals before the season began.

On the season, Story is batting .278 with 4 homers. These stats come in right around average for players this year, as his WRC+ of 109 shows. One potential fit for Story could be the Oakland Athletics. The As could very well be looking for a shortstop this season as they are in first for the division and Elvis Andrus has been horrid this season. Andrus is batting a pathetic .174 with an atrocious 28 WRC+.

2. Kris Bryant

Another player that has been talked about time and time again about being traded is Kris Bryant. The Cubs have Bryant, Javy Baez, and Anthony Rizzo, all coming upon the end of their contracts this season. This is important because there are more and more reports coming out that they will not be able to sign all three of these stars, and that Bryant is the least likely to resign. This means the Cubs will want to move him at the deadline so that they can get something in return rather than just letting him walk.

Kris Bryant has been outstanding this year as he is batting over the Mendoza line at a stellar .308, which is good for fifth in all of the National League. Also, Bryant is putting up an outstanding 180 WRC+. Two potential fits for Bryant would both be in the AL Central. These teams would be the Royals and the White Sox.

The Royals are on a ten-game skid as they went from first to third in the division and the White Sox are in first right now. These teams could be looking for a third baseman, as Hunter Dozier and Yoan Moncada have been performing poorly this season. The Royals are the least likely of the two though, as Dozier just got a four-year deal this offseason.

3. Freddie Freeman

This last one is more of a reach than anything but is still a real possibility. Freddie Freeman is in the last year of his deal, just like the last two players. Right now, the Braves are waiting to negotiate with Freeman until after the season is over, but if plans change and Freddie wants to walk in the offseason and go back to his hometown of LA, the Braves may look into dealing him to get a nice haul in return for the reigning NL MVP.

Freeman has been having a decent year, he is playing below his standard, which is still above average. Freeman is hitting .213 with a WRC+ of 111. Two potential fits for Freeman would be the Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers. The Red Sox are sitting in first of their division, while the Brewers are sitting in second place of the tight NL Central. Both of these teams may be looking to add a first baseman as Bobby Dalbec (Red Sox) and Keston Hiura (Brewers) are both performing poorly this season.