MLB Strikes Out In Decision To Move All-Star Game Out of Georgia


Major League Baseball announced last week that they are pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021. The reason? Georgia voted to implement a new voter law that makes it illegal to offer snacks and water to folks standing in line to vote, along with requiring an ID.

The new voting law is said to be racist because a voter ID will be required when voting.

Again it is the everyday hard-working middle-class families that will suffer the ramifications of this decision. This proves that big corporations and Major League Baseball gives less than a damn about middle working-class families. The families that have supported baseball through the years.

With MLB pulling the All-Star game out of Georgia, this will end up hurting the minority community the most. The community that MLB says they care so much about and want to support.

As a result of this decision, fewer servers, bartenders will be needed. Hotels will need fewer workers and concierges.

The employees who work at Trust Field will not have the opportunity to earn extra money. The money they were counting on for Atlanta’s additional events.

Commissioner Rob Manfred put out a statement about the decision to move the game out of Georgia’s state:

Over the last week, we have engaged in thoughtful conversations with Clubs, former and current players, the Players Association, and The Players Alliance, among others, to listen to their views. I have decided that the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport is by relocating this year’s All-Star Game and MLB Draft.

President Biden on ESPN said that he would strongly support moving the game out of Georgia. Yet, he had no opinion on moving The Masters out of Georgia and said that decision should be made by The Masters. What a hypocrite.

Manfred said in a statement that the league would continue with plans to honor baseball great Henry Aaron as part of All-Star Game festivities. Also, Manfred reiterated MLB would continue to support Atlanta-area communities through the All-Star Legacy Projects.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp blasted the decision by MLB, calling it a “knee-jerk” reaction and proof that “cancel culture and woke political activists are coming for every aspect of your life, sports included.”

MLB has once again cast their vote with the cancel culture mob and alienated many of their long-time fans in the process.

Here are some aspects of the law that the cancel culture folks are saying is racist and limit voting rights.

Let’s start with Voter ID. I don’t understand the concept of having to produce an ID to vote as “racist.”

You need an ID to purchase alcohol, tobacco, make airline reservations, and do a bank transaction. Still, yet people think it’s acceptable to vote without producing an ID to confirm your identity.

If you are a minority, you should be offended that some media folks want to label you as someone that can’t get an ID. I know plenty of minorities and interact with them every day. I don’t personally know anyone that doesn’t have an ID.

It’s “racist” to think that a minority can’t get an ID to show and prove their identity to vote.

The new Georgia law also states that if someone doesn’t have an ID, they can get a free voter ID card. Also, six forms of ID are acceptable to prove your identity.

In a poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 74 percent of Georgia’s population support a Photo-ID requirement for voting, including 63 percent of black respondents.

There is also a new security measure in the law that replaces the signature verification requirement. The new condition is that voters provide a driver’s license or state ID card to verify their absentee ballot vote. Everyone that wants fair and honest elections should support this piece of legislation.

This bill would also prevent electioneering. Neither political party is allowed to hand out food or water to influence or persuade the voters to vote for a particular political party while voters are near the voting polls.

However, the bill does allow for poll workers to provide water to voters close to the polls. It also allows ANYONE to offer food and drinks to those more than 150 feet away from the polling location or more than 25 feet from people in line.

So this narrative that the media wants you to believe that if you’re standing in line to vote, no one can hand you a bottle of water or a snack is total bullshit. And you wonder why the media gets such a bad rap.

It appears that some media personalities reporting on the voting bill haven’t taken the time to read the bill thoroughly. The media has an agenda and a narrative, and they will do whatever they can do to try to get folks to believe their agenda. Even flat out lie in their reporting.

Early voting has gone from 16 days to 17 days. There are also two additional Sundays of voting, which makes early voting a total of 19 days.

So, where is the voter repression? This is a narrative put out there by the news media. The News media wants to make you think that the state of Georgia is repressing the right to vote. It is pure unadulterated bullshit. Please don’t believe it.

Do your research and come up with your conclusions.

This was an awful decision by MLB to move the game out of Georgia.

The state of Georgia now has longer early voting, and the voting requirements are less restrictive than the state of New York, where MLB has its offices.

Will MLB move out of New York to protest the repressive voting laws in New York? Only if it fits a specific agenda. The answer is an emphatic no. Rob Manfred is a coward. He will continue making these kinds of political decisions based on what the cancel culture wants. Not on what is best for the game and Major League Baseball.

Remember, what is popular is not necessarily correct. History will confirm that MLB made the wrong decision in moving the game out of Georgia.

Sports used to be a place where you could go to get away from the political nonsense that is so prevalent everywhere today. Now MLB has joined the NBA and the NFL in locking arms with the extreme left-wing agenda of the woke mob in this country. It has become a mouthpiece to support their nonsense.

And that is a shame!

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