Monday Around The NFL

Everyone is getting excited for Super Bowl 55, and that has dominated the conversation the last week.

But there was some other huge NFL news that broke last week.

The big story was the Detroit Lions trading quarterback Matthew Stafford to the LA Rams in exchange for quarterback Jared Goff, two number one picks, and a third-round pick.

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Short term, this is a win win for both teams. The Rams get an above average quarterback who has not had an abundance of talent to work with in Detroit.

Stafford is going to a team that will have the best offensive line, the best defense, and a solid running game with Cam Akers and Malcolm Brown.

Goff is going to a rebuilding Lions team that wanted him. Goff will quickly find out that there is a significant drop off in Detroit’s talent than what he had with the Rams.

Long term, this trade is a win for the Lions, and the Rams better hope they win the Super Bowl in the next three years before that window closes.

The Rams will not have a number one pick till 2024. Les Snead (Rams GM) has mortgaged the future to win now.

The Rams become the favorites for 2021 to win the NFC. The Rams could also become the second team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

SoFi Stadium, the Home of the Rams, will host the Super Bowl in 2022.

—Eric Bieniemy is still an assistant coach.

This is just unthinkable that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is not a head coach. But yet here we are.

I’ve never heard of an assistant coach as highly touted as Bieniemy interviewing with six different teams for a head coaching position and coming away with nothing.

Bieniemy interviewed with the Falcons, Jets, Lions, Chargers, Jaguars, and Texans and nothing.

For the second consecutive off-season, one of the best offensive minds in the NFL will remain a coordinator.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid asked about it today said he was “really hoping (Bieniemy) would have an opportunity to take one of these jobs.”

“You guys know what I think of him. I think he’s great. He would be great for any number of teams and help them win football games. I just think he’s a great person.”

—DeShaun Watson made it official this week as he formally requested a trade from the Houston Texans.

Watson has lost confidence in Texans management. Their head coaching search left a lot to be desired. I can’t think of another quarterback that could have put the kind of numbers that Watson did on a team that played poorly on both sides of the ball.

JJ Watt apologized to Watson for wasting another year of Watson’s career. Bieniemy would have been the perfect coach for Watson in Houston, But that task will fall to David Culley. Culley, the Baltimore Ravens assistant head coach, was not even being talked about as a coaching candidate, and suddenly he is the coach of the Texans.

David Culley was also the Ravens Passing coordinator and wide receivers coach.

The new head coach of the Texans is confidant that Watson will be his quarterback. Speaking with the Houston Chronicle, Culley said, “Deshaun Watson is a Houston Texan; he’s the quarterback of the Houston Texans. That’s all that I was concerned about, and that’s all I knew, and whatever has been said about what he wanted to do or didn’t want to do, all I know is this. He is a Houston Texan, and I want him to be a Houston Texan, and the reason I’m in this position today is because I know he is going to be a Houston Texan.”

Culley makes it seem as if he has spoken to Watson and that Watson will remain the Texans’ quarterback. I’m not so sure.

—Nick Sirianni is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. After watching the opening press conference, you have to ask yourself why?

This was the worst initial press conference for a new coach since Adam Gase of the Jets two years ago.

Sirianni inspired no one. If you’re an Eagles fan, what did he say to get you excited about the future.? The stage seems too big for Sirianni, and he seemed ill-prepared.

Sirianni was also vague about the Carson Wentz/Jalen Hurts quarterback controversy.

The one positive you can take from Sirianni’s hiring is that under Frank Reich in Indianapolis, the Colts made the playoffs twice with two different quarterbacks Andrew Luck, and Phillip Rivers, with Sirianni as offensive coordinator.