Monday Nights With The Mannings

Monday Nights With The Mannings

The NFL introduced the Manning Brothers to Monday night football this season with their separate broadcast on ESPN2. It is the complete opposite of a professional broadcast, but for all the right reasons.

The Mannings spend the games dissecting the action by analyzing it through a different lens. Their experience and passion for football make it easy to break down the x’s and o’s, unlike anything, fans have witnessed. Their job is not to describe the action; it analyzes why they ran the specific plays.

The Manning broadcast gives fans a different way to watch a game by learning about the game and being entertained. Special guests join the show recalling stories of their playing days along with their two cents on the game. This broadcast revolutionizes how fans watch games. It is the first step in a new experience of prime-time football.

How Does It Differ From The National Broadcast?

The Mannings are not taking notes on the game, hoping to give the fans the descriptions they need. They are two brothers watching a game they share a passion for. Fans experience what it would be like to fly in the wall during a Peyton-Eli breakdown session.

The brothers use extensive football jargon, which makes it difficult for a casual fan to comprehend. For example, Peyton is breaking down the last offense’s play with a phrase such as the x running a stick over the top, which is just a fancy way of saying the WR ran a diagonal curl route to the middle of the field. His use of football vernacular helps educate them on the actual game of football.

Other than the game turning into a Manning School of Football class, the brothers tell stories about their playing days and personal lives. For example, last week, the Mannings wrapped up the game with special guest Pat McAfee. He told stories about Peyton’s private parties and what it was like being teammates in Indy.

At this point, the Packers pummelling the Lions six feet deep, so I decided to focus my attention on the trio. It felt like they had been friends for decades going on and on about days of their youth. Pat even threw a few jabs at Peyton for his hectic retirement schedule.

Does Their Broadcast Take Away The Significance Of The Game?

The one problem is that fans lose interest in the game, with the brothers taking attention away from the action. I hate to say it, but ESPN did an outstanding job getting ahead of that problem; they are their separate broadcast on another channel. So, if fans want to experience the game, as usual, they have that chance to.

I will be tuning into every one of these broadcasts for the rest of the season. I have turned into a football junkie who loves to hear every little story from their playing days or even learn a thing or two by them dissecting play after play.

The Mannings have become the best part of Monday nights. So, welcome them into your home this week; you will not be disappointed.

Pat Pitts

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