Most Desirable Coaching Job In The NFL

The NFL’s coaching carousel is in full swing. Teams are not waiting for Black Monday to begin their searches, front offices across the NFL will already be scouring the ranks for the next head coach for their respective team. There is plenty of names in the mix, some obvious such as Robert Saleh and Eric Bienemy, others not so apparent like Matt Campbell and Matt Eberflus.

Many coaches will get thrown into the discussions; several teams will desire the best candidate available. For those best candidates, several organizations will offer them jobs. For those coaches, they must decide which is the attractive job available. Let’s break it down and assess which coaching roles are the most desirable.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is looking for a new head coach. After firing Dan Quinn, the organization will desire a coach who can banish the mental demons that exist within the Falcons locker room. Following that inexcusable SuperBowl collapse, the Falcons became notorious for blowing leads under Quinn. Owner Arthur Blank decided enough was enough and cut his ties with Quinn. The Falcons roster still possesses fantastic talent. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are still playing at a high level. Todd Gurley, Russell Gage, and Calvin Ridley form a super supporting cast. Atlanta provides the next head coach with a fantastic foundation on offense.

Defensively is where the problems lie. This unit repeatedly struggles every season. That is despite owning talented players such as Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett and Keanu Neal. The defense needs tentpole players; the Falcons already possess those players. Now they need good coaching plus the new talent to supplement those key players. The Falcons reside in a brutal division; nevertheless, Atlanta already owns some of the puzzle pieces. Arthur Blank will provide the new head coach with time to do the job, although it mightn’t take as much time as one thinks. The setup is already there to turn the Falcons around quickly.

Desirability Factor – 8/10

Detroit Lions

The Lions look for a new head coach after Shiela Ford put the hopeless Matt Patricia out of his misery. Patricia was out of his depth; now, the Lions need a messianic figure. Detroit’s talent cupboard is very bare. Specifically on defense. The current defense is on course to be the worst in franchise history, a reminder that this franchise once went 0-16 in the regular season. The new head coach must make drastic changes on the defensive side. It needs a full reset regarding personnel as well as scheme. That is a big job.

Offensively the Lions will need to work out what they do at receiver. Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, and Danny Amendola are all out of contract at the end of the year. There are some bright spots, D’Andre Swift is an exciting prospect; meanwhile, TJ Hockenson is enjoying a Pro Bowl year.

The other task waiting for the next head coach is Matt Stafford. Does the gunslinger want to stay, or does he finally want to move on? Either way, it will be a long process in Detroit. Sheila Ford, Rod Wood, and Chris Spielman will give their chosen hire time; nonetheless, it is still a massive job for the next incumbent.

Desirability Factor – 5/10

Houston Texans

The Texans are a bizarre proposition. Deshaun Watson is one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL. He is a mouthwatering attraction for any head coaching candidate. Unfortunately, that is the only good thing about the Houston Texans. The devastation left behind by Bill O’Brien means Houston will not be on the clock until round three of the 2021 draft. They also don’t own a number one wide receiver. Deandre Hopkins departed before the 2020 season began.

While franchise legend JJ Watt is nearing the end of his Hall of Fame career, the Texans are 99 Jenga pieces short of a full tower. The quarterback is exceptional, sadly the rest of the team is nowhere near the level required.

The franchise is hamstrung at the next draft; the free agency may be a no-go due to the roster’s large contracts. Players such as Laremy Tunsil will be challenging to trade. The Texans’ job will appeal due to Watson, although, the rest of this team requires major surgery. It will be a long process in Houston, regardless of how impressive Watson is. It is a full rebuild, that will take at least three years. Also, unlike the Ford family, the McNairs are known to be difficult owners who are not afraid to meddle in football affairs. It is an almost impossible job in Houston

Desirability factor – 3/10

Honorable Mentions

The Los Angeles Chargers may be searching for a head coach soon. Anthony Lynn is definitely on the hot seat. In Justin Herbert, Los Angeles has their franchise quarterback. Joey Bosa is a certified stud on the edge, while Derwin James will come back from injury. The Chargers is a fascinating job if it becomes available.

The against the Steelers’ will probably save Zac Taylor, if it doesn’t, the Bengals job is another exciting job. Joe Burrow will come back better than ever; he will want to make up for the lost time. The Bengals also possess essential young players like Tee Higgins. With another top-five pick looming, the Bengals are in a good position if they decide to move onto a new head coach.