My Big Fat Parlay Bet: July 5 – July 11

My Big Fat Parlay Bet: July 5 – July 11

I’m back!

I know what you are thinking. “Byron, you specialize in football content. Why are you doing one of these posts in the middle of July.” Firstly, do not put it in a box my sweet, beautiful reader. Secondly, because it is maybe the most exciting week until the NFL kicks off in September.

The NBA Finals start tonight. Baseball is at mid-season. The Stanley Cup Finals are going strong. The UFC has a huge card this weekend. Soccer… is doing something?

There is plenty of big events to keep up with, and it seems like a perfect opportunity for sports bettors to capitalize on. Where sports are betting to be had, there is me, with a stupid ticket, trying to make my readers stupid rich.

Although, I have to be completely honest with you right here: some of these sports are out of my wheelhouse. My specialties are in football, combat sports, e-sports, and professional wrestling content. I know enough about basketball to be taken seriously, but everything else is sketchy at best. I played FIFA like, twice, and that is the extent of my soccer knowledge. Meanwhile, I know so little about baseball that it is almost a personality trait.

For these reasons, you need to be warned. Bet at your own risk. Make your own decisions here. I am not your financial advisor. If you or someone you know has a gambling issue, call the gambling hotline and get help.

Stuff I know

Devin Booker to Score 30+ in Game 1

I should not have to expand on this one, but I will.

Devin Booker is playing in the first Finals series of his life, at home, against a team with terrible perimeter defense. Booker is going to eat, and he is going to eat well. I even consider 35+ and even 40+ for this spot, but ultimately felt the safe route was best.

If Giannis does not play, there is a ton of money to be made on Deandre Ayton doing well.

Sean O’Malley to Win By KO

Again, easiest bet of my life.

Sean O’Malley is a knockout artist who drops any and every person to step across from him in the octagon. His opponent pulled out due to injury and is being replaced with a guy making his UFC debut. O’Malley is going to make a toy of this dude, and maybe we can start having conversations about a championship bout soon.

If you put money on the main event, and you should not, trilogy Mcgregor knocked out Diaz. Do with that info what you will.

Getting a Little Shaky Here

Brewers @ Mets: Under 7 Runs

Okay, so what little bit of baseball I know comes from Twitter. Jacob Degrom seems like a beast, and the Brewers seem to suffocate teams defensively. I always like the under when it comes to baseball, but a defensive battle is also a huge opportunity for the under.

Canadiens @ Lightning: Over 5 Goals

I have played NHL 18 quite a few times. I carried the Sabres to the Stanley Cup Series (thanks to my ten goals a game), got into a fight in game one, broke my nose, and watched as the Sabres got swept from the bench.

The Lightning could score five goals alone in this game, let alone collectively. A bookie definitely is getting fired for this line.

Yankees to cover 1.5 spread

The Yankees are playing the Mariners. Does that work for an explanation?


Spain to Beat Italy


England and Denmark to tie

Soccer… At least I have reasoning for this one. Soccer games end in ties all the time (which is stupid in case anyone is wondering. Who wins? Who loses? I want tears of defeat) so maybe this one does? I do not know.

This extremely stupid ticket clocks in at +15898 on Fanduel Sportsbook and would net a ten-dollar wager into 1599.78 dollars. You could use this responsibly, or you could buy this.

It is whatever you want to do.

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