My Big Fat Parlay Bet – NFL Week 13

I don’t know how I have been barely wrong so many times and not landed a ticket already.

No more playing, let’s just jump right into the action.

The Obvious Tickets

We have a spread ticket, eight legs that turns 10 dollars into 2133.38 dollars. It has Miami to cover, Browns with the spread, Texans with the spread, Raiders to cover, Rams to cover, Saints to cover, Broncos with the spread, Patriots with the spread. I feel comfortable with all of these picks, although I felt very confident in the Raiders last week.

In my over/under ticket, I have eight legs that turns 10 dollars into 1691.78 dollars. It has Bengals/Dolphins under, Titans/Browns under, Lions/Bears over, Saints/Falcons over, Rams/Cardinals over, Chargers/Patriots under, Chiefs/Broncos under, and Ravens/Cowboys under. Over/Unders are crap shoots anyways, so it is just a risk.

The mixed ticket is eight legs turning 10 dollars into 1977.72 dollars. The legs are Browns/Titans under, Lions with the spread, Jaguars with the spread, Saints covering the spread, Rams covering the spread, Giants/Seahawks over, Patriots with the spread, Broncos with the spread.

Single Game Tickets

Okay, so the weekly tradition is we put the Chiefs game here, but that is going to be a boring primetime game… So let’s give the Chiefs a ton of overs.

So this ticket has six legs and turns 10 dollars into 1648.99 dollars. The legs are: Tyreek Hill grabbing a touchdown, Travis Kelce grabbing a touchdown, Patrick Mahomes grabbing a touchdown, Mahomes throwing for over 303.5, Noah Fant over 38.5 yards, and the Broncos being within the spread. I like this ticket because the Chiefs score a lot of touchdowns.

There are not many other interesting games so let’s roll on.

The Ultimate Ticket

This ticket will not bet on the Raiders this week because they lost all of us a ton of money last week.

So I built a six leg ticket with one high odds bet. It turns 10 dollars into 1541.90 dollars. The legs are Tyreek Hill scoring a touchdown, Darren Waller scoring a touchdown, Rams covering, Patriots with the spread, Kareem Hunt scoring a touchdown, and then, the big one, the Miami defense scoring a touchdown. Miami’s defense is very good at grabbing turnovers and turning them into points, and they play the Bengals who are using their backup QB with no offensive weapons and no offensive line.