NBA Draft Day Trade Predictions

The NBA draft is finally upon us basketball fans. The event is taking place Wednesday, November 18th. Everything is on the table this draft with no clear cut number one prospect. There’s speculation that teams in the top half of the lottery could be making moves. This will make for an exciting draft night for fans everywhere. So we’re going to explore some potential trade scenarios!

Detroit Pistons and the Golden State Warriors

The Detroit Pistons have been awaiting the arrival of their savior for quite some time. Is Lamelo Ball the answer? He has been in the Detroit area for the last few months working with his manager and former Piston Jermaine Jackson. If the Pistons decide that he is it’s unlikely he’ll be around at seven when they pick; so, they’ll need to find a suitable partner and Golden State could be that team.

They’ll be looking to bolster the front line with a veteran who can make an impact immediately; insert Blake Griffin. When healthy, he’s one of the best in the business at his position. Griffin doesn’t have the explosiveness that awed crowds when he entered the league; however, he’s a more cerebral player now. With a much-improved jump shot and solid post play, he could be the missing piece to the Warriors’ success.

Andrew Wiggins doesn’t seem to be who scouts fell in love with when he was drafted number one overall. Many questions his work ethic and willingness to take his craft seriously. With that said, he’s still young and could’ve just needed a change of scenery.

He’s a scoring guard who averaged 21.8 ppg 5.1 rpg last season. At twenty-five years old to he fits the Pistons timeline of young players. Players like Svi and Kennard’s shooting touch would create spacing to showcase his scoring punch. This could make sense for both teams.


Golden State Receives

  • Blake Griffin
  • 7th overall pick

Detroit Receives

  • Andrew Wiggins
  • 2nd overall pick

Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks

Boston Celtics find themselves in the middle of a good problem. With three first-round picks, the fourteenth the twenty-sixth, and the thirtieth due to quality front office work. On the other hand, there’s one roster spot available next year; so, they’ll be looking to trade up. They have a solid nucleus of young talent with Tatum, Kemba, Brown, and Smart, and they are a team on the brink of representing the eastern conference in the NBA finals. A player who they see that can help them win now would be a much better decision.

Meanwhile, the New York Knicks are hurting from all angles; considered the laughing stock of the NBA by most, they made some offseason changes to the front office by adding the legendary Worldwide Wes as the executive vice president-senior basketball advisor. He’s highly respected in NBA circles; many believe he’ll turn things around. That’ll be a process though, and his first significant move starts with this draft.

There’s a lot of fans thinking Kira Lewis Jr could be the guy the Knicks would take. I’m not sure about that pick so high in the draft. If they don’t and aren’t sold on any one individual, they might look to move back and take on multiple picks. The needs are everywhere on the Knicks team, so having multiple picks allows them to add young players and fill voids in the roster through the draft.

Maybe they’ll get the coveted big-name signing they have been trying to get the last few free agency periods. This interdivisional trade could benefit both teams, but like many other moves, the Celtics win big.


Celtics Receives

  • 8th overall pick

Knicks Receives

  • 14th overall pick
  • 26th overall pick
  • 30th overall pick

Charlotte Hornets and the Houston Rockets

Every since the Hornets signed Nicolas Batum, they’ve been looking for ways to get out of it, but they’ll need to package him with some assets to get anyone to buy the trade bait. The time is now. With Russell Westbrook on the trade block, look for them to pursue him. Although the superstar point guard didn’t fit in with Houston, he would be a valued asset with the Charlotte franchise.

They haven’t had much success at all and could use a big name to build fan support. This is a clear cut case of just make it happen already. Come on Charlotte; this is your chance on a solid all-star! Did I forget to mention that Westbrook’s endorsed by Jordan brand too?


Houston Receives

  • Malik Monk
  • Nikolas Batum
  • 3rd overall pick

Hornets Receives

  • Russell Westbrook