NCAA Football: Top 25 Rankings After Week 3

We have yet to see any SEC action, the Big-10 hasn’t resumed football yet, the Big-12 conference outside of Oklahoma and Texas are not very good, and you can make the exact same argument for the ACC, and teams outside of Clemson, and now Notre Dame. However, football is football, and things are FINALLY starting to feel normal again. Here are my top 25 rankings heading into week four:

  1. Clemson: (49-0 Win @ home vs the Citadel) This was a completely one-sided affair. For context: Trevor Lawrence threw for 168 yards and three touchdowns (four total TD’s) on just nine passing attempts. The Clemson Tiger defense was DOMINANT against inferior competition. Allowing the Citadel to just complete three of eleven passing attempts, and allowed just 1.8 yards per carry.
  2. Alabama: (Didn’t play)
  3. Oklahoma: (Didn’t play)
  4. Georgia: (Didn’t play)
  5. Florida: (Didn’t play)
  6. Auburn: (Didn’t play)
  7. Notre Dame: (52-0 Win @ home vs USF) Ian Book led the way with three rushing touchdowns, as the team had six total on the day. Junior runningback C’Bo Flemister had 127 yards on 13 carries, along with a touchdown, freshman running back Chris Tyree had eight carries for 65 yards and a touchdown, as sophomore running back Kyren Williams didn’t have to do too much, averaging 6.2 yards per carry, with 62 yards on 10 carries.
  8. Oklahoma State: (16-7 Win @ home vs Tulsa) I was very bold on the Cowboys heading into the season, but they made me look pretty bad last weekend against Tulsa, barley beating them. HOWEVER.. guys this was their first game of the season against an in-state rival, and their starting quarterback Spencer Sanders got injured during the game. Tylan Wallace fought through the Sanders injury and still had 94 yards receiving on four receptions. Chubba Hubbard had 93 yards rushing and a touchdown. OSU will need to lean heavily on those two to stay afloat until Sanders gets back. Notre Dame jumped one spot over Oklahoma State based on the difference of how each team looked.
  9. Texas: (Didn’t play)
  10. Texas A&M: (Didn’t play)
  11. LSU: (Didn’t play)
  12. Miami: (47-34 Win @ Louisville) Miami was my 14th ranked team heading into last week, with Louisville ranked 17th. D’Eriq’s streak came to an end, as he had only nine rushing yards on eight attempts, but had a very nice 325 yards passing and three touchdowns, followed by no picks. Cam’ron Harris posted his second straight 134 rushing yard performance, as he did so this time on just 9 carries. He currently leads the country with the most 15+ yard runs, with 6. Travis Etienne is 2nd with four. After two games, you can start thinking of Harris as a dark horse Heisman candidate. King, Harris, Roche… I really think this Miami team is a team to look out for. They’re the threats to Clemson and Notre Dame this season, not North Carolina.
  13. North Carolina: (Didn’t play)
  14. USF: (49-21 Win @ Georgia Tech) USF looked dominant against a Georgia Tech team that defeated Florida State in Week One, a team I had ranked 23rd heading into the season. Their quarterback, Dillon Gabriel, is really good as he had 417 yards passing and four passing touchdowns in the win.
  15. Cincinnatti: (55-20 Win @ home vs Austin Peay) I moved UCF ahead of Cincinnatti because I believe that UCF is now the team to beat in the AAC. They looked really good, and Cincinnatti leads Austin Peay to score their most points this season against them. Central Arkansas allowed them to score just 17, and Pittsburgh held them scoreless.
  16. Louisiana: (34-31 Win @ Georgia State) A week after beating the 14th ranked Iowa State, they held on in OT against Georgia State. Elijah Mitchell had 164 yards rushing, with two touchdowns, including the winning TD in overtime. Georgia State is a good team (look at last year’s win at Tennessee), but one has to wonder how much longer the Ragin’ Cajuns will stay undefeated, and be the Subelts best team. They didn’t look like they did against Iowa State.
  17. Pittsburgh: (21-10 Win @ home vs Syracuse) Through two games, the Pitt Panthers has allowed just 10 points. It was sloppy, as they had seven penalties, three missed field goals, and two turnovers, but a wins a win, and the team’s defense allowed them to hang in for the win.
  18. Tennessee: (Didn’t play)
  19. Kentucky: (Didn’t play)
  20. Virginia Tech: (Didn’t play)
  21. Mississippi State: (Didn’t play)
  22. Memphis: (Didn’t play)
  23. TCU: (Didn’t play)
  24. Louisville: (47-34 loss @ home vs Miami) Although Louisville lost, they did lose to what I think is a very solid team in Miami. They deserve to stay in the top 25. The defense might be their Achilles heel again this season, as they’re going to need to improve in that department to beat some of the better teams in the ACC.
  25. Marshall: (17-7 Win @ home vs App State) We are…Marshall! A ten-point win at home against my preseason favorite to win the Sunbelt (And 23rd ranked team) will earn them a spot in my top 25 this week. Brendan Knox had 138 yards rushing and a TD, leading the team to victory.

Keep your eye on the games this weekend, as SEC play resumes this weekend, and my rankings afterward!