New England Patriots: What Are We Doing?

New England Patriots: What Are We Doing?

The Saints marched into Foxboro and embarrassed the Patriots on Sunday. Jameis Winston threw two touchdowns against one of the league’s top defenses. He did not turn the ball over. 

What Are We Doing? 

The Pats struggled to move the ball on offense. The Saints pass rush proved to be too much for the rookie QB. Jones threw three interceptions and only one touchdown. Jonnu Smith dropped nearly every pass thrown to him; one drop led to a defensive touchdown. The other interception zoomed behind Agholor into the defender’s hands. 

The play-calling needs an overhaul. The Patriots struggled to convert on third downs, finishing the game 7/19 on third down. Jones consistently dealt with third-and-eight or longer almost every drive. The plays became predictable, making it easy for the Saints to stop them. 

What Are We Doing?

Belichick prides himself on executing the little things. The players have not got the memo this season. 

Special teams disappointed Patriots Nation as they allowed a blocked punt; it was the first time Jake Bailey has been blocked in his career. The Saints scored on the following drive. 

The defense did the best they could to contain Alvin Kamara, but the effort was not enough. Kamara gained a total of 118 yards from scrimmage and caught a pass over the middle for a score in the first quarter.

What Are We Doing? 

The Patriots played their worst game since the 2019 AFC wild-card game against the Titans. It felt that every drive ended with a punt or turnover. Receivers struggled to create space. Running backs attempted to move the ball, but the defensive line ate them once they attempted to hit a gap. 

In a few days, they host the Super Bowl champs on Sunday Night Football. They arrive with a chip on their shoulder after being beaten by Stafford’s Rams. They are out for blood. 

The Patriots cannot repeat their performances from the first few weeks. Belichick sees this game as a must-win. He needs to prove that he can win without his golden boy from the golden coast. 

A new Patriots team must come out of the tunnel if they want a chance at an upset. Maybe they needed a bit of pressure put on them. I sure hope so.

Pat Pitts

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