NFL Power Rankings: Week 3 Part One (17-21)

NFL Power Rankings: Week 3 Part One (17-21)

This week, we got a clearer look at who the serious contenders are in 2021. Let’s take a look at my NFL power rankings for Week 3.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars (–)

Jacksonville looked slightly better than they did against Houston, but this team is still in deep trouble. They are potentially looking at a back and forth competition with the Jets to see who gets the first pick again.

31. New York Jets (-1)

Speaking of New York, Zach Wilson had a brutal game last week. I know he is a rookie going against Bill Belichick, but three of his interceptions were just downright inexcusable.

30. Atlanta Falcons (+1)

There was a split second when the Falcons were starting to crawl back against Tampa Bay. However, a few untimely pick-sixes ultimately destroyed that dream.

29. Detroit Lions (–)

Detroit just needs to put two good halves of football together. You cannot decide to come back in a 31-point deficit, nor can you give up 21 unanswered points after going into halftime with a three-point lead.

28. Cincinnati Bengals (-2)

The Bengals came back down to Earth after an exciting overtime win against the Vikings in Week 1. However, if Joe Burrow does not throw three straight picks, I believe they could be 2-0 right now.

27. New York Giants (–)

They gave Washington a run for their money, but I think that says more about Washington than it does them. Hopefully, Danny Dimes continues his hot streak, because he could keep New York in close games.

26. Houston Texans (+2)

The Texans proved that last week was no fluke. Going head to head against a very good Browns team, Houston looked like a competitive roster. Losing Tyrod Taylor for a few weeks hurts, but I think they can continue to climb.

25. Chicago Bears (–)

Justin Fields may finally get to start a football game for Chicago. Unfortunately for him, that will apparently only last until Andy Dalton is ready to take the field.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (–)

The Eagles held their own against the Niners, but I honestly was expecting to see a little bit more. I am hoping that the flare of their offense will continue to shine as the year goes on.

23. Indianapolis Colts (-3)

The Colts slowed down the dynamic attack that the Rams bring, but once again they walked away with a loss. The offensive line failed Wentz once again, and now he could be looking at missing some time.

22. Miami Dolphins (-6)

Being held scoreless is always an awful time. When you are held scoreless AND give up 35 points it is really bad. Now add in that your starting QB has to play through an injury and you are looking for trouble.

21. Minnesota Vikings (+1)

The Vikings are two plays away from being a 2-0 team. A questionable fumble ruling and a short kick wide right were all that stood between the Vikings and success. If the defense can improve and take luck out of the equation, Minnesota can turn this around.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (-8)

I know that Pittsburgh was missing some faces on Sunday, but the loss to Las Vegas is concerning. Their defense did not step up in the way we expect them to, and they will need to get back on track.

19. New England Patriots (+3)

I want to give New England more credit for their win, but I think they just did exactly what they were supposed to do. If Mac Jones can keep his strong play up, they have a chance to compete in the AFC.

18. Washington Football Team (–)

Taylor Heinicke looked awesome on Thursday night. He did have a potentially costly interception late in the game, but he definitely redeemed himself. I honestly like the offense’s change with Heinicke under center. Their defense needs to kick it in gear though.

17. Carolina Panthers (+2)

I really like what is brewing in Carolina right now. I know moving up two spots may not seem like enough, but so much is up in the air right now. If their explosive offense keeps producing, they can surprise in the NFC South.

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