NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 Part One

NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 Part One

Through three weeks, we have seen the Chiefs stumble early, the Raiders rise to prominence, and the Jets look… exactly like they did last season. The road to the Super Bowl just became a little more clear after some big games last week. Let’s check out my NFL power rankings for Week 4.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars (–)

Trevor Lawrence is struggling much more out of the gate than anticipated. While there is no reason to panic anytime soon, there is also no reason to expect much at all from Jacksonville right now.

31. New York Jets (–)

The Jets have scored just 20 points through three games this season. Their defense is giving up over 23 points per game. You do the math. Also… Zach Wilson has seven interceptions already. New York and Duval are very much in a race for the number one pick for a second straight year.

30. New York Giants (-3)

I was so confident that the Giants could beat Atlanta. Daniel Jones has looked improved, the defense has surprised me at times, and Saquon is looking healthier each week. I cannot discover why they fell short, but it is a bad time to be a NY sports fan.

29. Houston Texans (-3)

Just when we all thought Houston could pull off something crazy this season, their starting QB is knocked out for a few weeks. To take his place, rookie Davis Mills will see plenty of growing pains, as will the Texans.

28. Detroit Lions (+1)

Detroit moving up a spot is mostly because of teams above them losing, but I am impressed with how they played on Sunday. If they keep playing these great teams close, they are bound to win one of them… right?

27. Atlanta Falcons (+3)

Atlanta proved me wrong after I bet against them. Not much to say, but the offense did seemingly come together a bit better in this one. Hopefully, they can figure out how to use the tight end they drafted fourth overall.

26. Chicago Bears (-1)

Remember when I said there was no reason to panic for Jacksonville fans? Well, if you’re a Bears fan, the opposite applies. It is time for a full-on reboot in Chi-town. Nagy looked like he was TRYING to get his rookie QB killed out there against Myles Garrett. I have three words: Run, Justin, Run!

25. Cincinnati Bengals (+3)

The Bengals pulled off a very convincing win against division rival Pittsburgh last week. While they performed well, I am saving an overreaction due to the Steelers missing multiple key players on both sides of the ball.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (–)

Philly looked rough on prime-time Monday Night Football against Dallas. As quickly as they fell behind, they were not able to construct any sort of a running game. If they want to win in the future, they need to control the game pace.

23. Indianapolis Colts (–)

The Colts have dug themselves into a hole that will be pretty hard to climb out of. Now 0-3 in a loaded AFC, Indy’s playoff hopes are dwindling by the minute. I really hope they realize how dominant their running game could be if they actually stuck to it.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers (-2)

The Steelers had an embarrassing performance last week against Cincy. As I previously mentioned, they were missing quite a few key players, such as superstar TJ Watt, his running mate Alex Highsmith, and Dionte Johnson. Hopefully, they return quickly, because last week will not cut it.

21. Miami Dolphins (+1)

I was actually impressed with how well Miami held up with Las Vegas despite missing Tua Tagovailoa. Jacoby Brissett is by no means going to lift the Dolphins over the top, but maybe he can keep them afloat.

20. New England Patriots (-1)

I had the Patriots as an upset pick over New Orleans this week. I had high expectations for their defense against a Saints’ offense that struggled against Carolina. It was a tough week for Mac Jones, but I expect them to bounce back.

19. Washington Football Team (-1)

Washington has impressed me less and less as the season goes on. I like the grit that Taylor Heinicke brings to the offense, but they have got to figure out a balanced attack to utilize Antonio Gibson and Terry McLaurin.

18. Minnesota Vikings (+3)

Minnesota has finally arrived. After losing a low discipline game to the Bengals in Week 1, the Vikings have had back-to-back dominant offensive performances. After a big win over Seattle, Minnesota is primed to be on upset alert once again against Cleveland.

17. Carolina Panthers (–)

I want to rank Carolina higher, but I just want to see them with an absolutely complete game against good competition. Their win over New Orleans was awesome, but the Saints were certainly handicapped.

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