NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 Part Two

NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 Part Two

Through three weeks, we have seen the Chiefs stumble early, the Raiders rise to prominence, and the Jets look… exactly like they did last season. The road to the Super Bowl just became a little more clear after some big games last week. Let’s check out my NFL power rankings for Week 4.

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16. Las Vegas Raiders (–)

I was very ready to boost the Raiders up high on this list with a dominant victory over Miami. However, we saw them barely get past a Jacoby Brissett-led Dolphins squad. While I still think they will continue to surprise, I am not convinced they are true contenders.

15. Denver Broncos (–)

I see a lot of people hating on Denver for the fact that the combined record of the teams they have beaten is 0-9. In fact, those three teams are the bottom three in my power rankings. However, I am not going to fault the Broncos for doing what they are supposed to do against inferior teams.

14. Seattle Seahawks (-4)

Seattle has had back-to-back stumbles against teams coming off of losses to the Cardinals. Losing out on tiebreakers to a division rival this early is never a great sign. Not to mention, they just happen to be in the most loaded division in football.

13. New Orleans Saints (+1)

The Saints may be the most hot-and-cold team in the league. Not to mention, I am not exactly sure what their plan is with Jameis Winston. A man who threw for over 5,000 yards in 2019 is now averaging a measly 129 passing yards per game. Not exactly utilizing his strengths.

12. Dallas Cowboys (–)

Dallas looked great against Philly. If they keep that kind of dominance up the rest of the season, they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Dak is playing at an elite level, and their weapons make this offense nearly unstoppable.

11. Tennessee Titans (–)

Before the season, many considered Indy as the only real threat in the way of an AFC East title for the Titans. With the Colts sitting square in the division’s cellar at 0-3, it seems like that threat may be gone.

10. Los Angeles Chargers (+3)

The Chargers started the season off slow, barely scraping past Washington and dropping a close one to Dallas. However, a convincing win against last year’s AFC Super Bowl representative, the Kansas City Chiefs, raises the Chargers into legitimate contenders status.

9. San Francisco 49ers (-1)

The Niners played Green Bay about as close as you can when Aaron Rodgers is firing on all cylinders. In fact, it took a 51-yarder from Mason Crosby following a miraculous 37-second drive by Rodgers. With Arizona and LA starting off so hot, San Fran did not do themselves any favors by dropping this one.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (-6)

It truly surprises me how much Kansas City is struggling right now. I have heard someone say that Patrick Mahomes looks like a no-brainer HOF on 95% of plays, and unemployed on the other five. Honestly, that comparison fits right now. He certainly has the Brett Favre gene in him, but the Chiefs need to learn that he does not always need to play hero ball.

7. Green Bay Packers (+2)

Green Bay is BACK. After gaining a ton of critics due to a Week 1 blowout against the Saints, Green Bay has been nothing but convincing since. Beating another true contender is a great confidence booster for a squad hitting its stride.

6. Baltimore Ravens (–)

Baltimore better build a statue of Justin Tucker. Arguably one of the greatest kickers of all time already, Tucker hit a 66-yard game-winner over Detroit to break the longest field goal record. Hopefully, the offense can get in line and start to carry this squad over the inferior teams.

5. Buffalo Bills (+2)

Buffalo has returned to its dominant ways. I thought their win over Washington came with an exclamation point, as they finally utilize all of the weapons in that offense. The defense also looked impressive, suffocating the Washington offense all day.

4. Arizona Cardinals (+1)

The Cardinals scared me early in their game against Jacksonville. However, they showed once again that they are a team that can rebound from early struggles. They went on to dismantle Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars, and remain in the top tier in the NFC.

3. Cleveland Browns (+1)

Cleveland looks good. Like… really good. I mean, I know they were playing Chicago, and the mind-numbing offense of Matt Nagy, but wow were they dominant. Racking up nine sacks is an incredible feat in any situation, regardless of who the team it was against.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

The Buccs finally showed signs of being human last week against the Rams. The Rams exposed a seemingly all-star squad. However, if the Rams are the only squad capable of slowing down such a squad, then the Buccaneers have plenty of time to prepare for a rematch in January.

1. Los Angeles Rams (+2)

There were so many great things to see in the Rams win over Tampa. Matt Stafford carved up their defense, and the LA defense comprised of football’s two best defenders slowed down a juggernaut Buccs offense. This truly is the best team in the NFL right now.

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