NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 Part One

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 Part One

This week’s games enforced who the contenders are and exposed the pretenders. In addition, the NFL’s group of undefeated teams shrunk from five squads to just one. Let’s take a look at my NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars (–)

Ouch, I really really believed that Trevor Lawrence would lead the Jaguars to their first win of the season. Instead, Jacksonville’s defense allowed Joe Burrow to walk down the field in the second half, without Tee Higgins I might add, and secure the win.

31. Houston Texans (-2)

The magic from the Texans’ Week 1 victory over Jacksonville has all but faded. Unless Tyrod Taylor returns with a vengeance, Houston may be hard-pressed to win another game. In other news, Davis Mills looks like a JV player in Houston.

30. Detroit Lions (-2)

The Lions entered Sunday with a legitimate chance to beat Chicago and bring home their first win of the season. Instead, some interesting game management led to them squandering a comeback attempt and falling to 0-4.

29. Atlanta Falcons (-2)

The Falcons wasted the momentum from their Week 3 win over the Giants by blowing a lead to Washington. Despite a solid performance by the offense, the defense was not able to contain Terry McLaurin and Company in the end.

28. New York Jets (+3)

My goodness, the Jets did it! Zach Wilson has more NFL wins than Trevor Lawrence, and the Jets capitalized on a pristine trap game opportunity. Additionally, their defense looked incredible on Sunday.

27. New York Giants (+3)

One week after blowing a great opportunity against the Falcons, the Giants joined their New York counterparts in pulling off the trap game win. Against a weakened Saints squad, the Giants came home with their first win of the season.

26. Philadelphia Eagles (-2)

I really think Philly can be a solid team. Jalen Hurts is exceeding expectations and there are some quality weapons to go around him. The defense struggled last week, but that is typical when playing Patrick Mahomes.

25. Miami Dolphins (-4)

Miami is struggling without Tua in the lineup. I am not even sure Tua is necessarily good enough to elevate this team, but they are surely missing him. Back-to-back tough losses are enough to derail a team.

24. Chicago Bears (+2)

The Bears managed to stay alive against the division-rival Lions last Sunday for their second win. The defense played well once again, but it still just seems like an unconvincing win. Justin Fields played better though, and that is certainly a bright spot.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)

Pittsburgh just seems to be a team without an identity still. After a great early-season win over Buffalo, Pittsburgh has stumbled through the rest of their games. It may be time to admit that some changes need to be made.

22. Cincinnati Bengals (+3)

Somehow, someway, the Cincinnati Bengals are in first place in the AFC North with a 3-1 record. Impressive sure, but I cannot see this lasting. They have scraped by in these games, and unless Burrow just continues to make strides, they may fall off.

21. Indianapolis Colts (+2)

Indy finally got the monkey off their back with a win over Miami. Carson Wentz looked a little more healthy and made some big plays. The running game really got rolling and helped lead this team to their first win.

20. Minnesota Vikings (-2)

Minnesota… is beyond frustrating. A botched fumble call, a missed field goal, and some questionable refereeing have led to the Vikings owning a 1-3 record despite a +2 point differential. However, with this team’s talent, they should not be putting themselves in the position to lose that they have been.

19. New England Patriots (+1)

The Patriots looked really impressive in their heartbreaking loss to Tom Brady and the Buccs. Despite the loss, there were lots of positives to take in from the team. Bill Belichick will turn this team around, I just have a feeling.

18. Washington Football Team (+1)

Washington pulled another one off! However, they tricked ALL of us into thinking that their defense was real. Through four weeks, the Football Team has allowed over 30 points per game, constantly putting their offense in tough spots.

17. Carolina Panthers (–)

Yes, Carolina lost last Sunday, but I did not think they played badly. Darnold’s four-touchdown performance was overshadowed by two game-breaking turnovers. The defense did not hold up as well against Dallas as I would have hoped either.

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