NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 Part Two

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5 Part Two

This week’s games enforced who the contenders are and exposed the pretenders. In addition, the NFL’s group of undefeated teams shrunk from five squads to just one. Let’s take a look at my NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 5.

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16. Las Vegas Raiders (–)

The Raiders have looked limited for two weeks straight now. They barely got past a Jacoby Brissett-led Miami Dolphins team. Then, their offense was embarrassed by a red-hot Chargers squad. Smells like pretenders to me.

15. Denver Broncos (–)

The Broncos were finally handed their first loss of the season by the Ravens. Unfortunately, their comeback attempt was hindered by Teddy Bridgewater suffering a concussion. Hopefully, Denver catches a break with Bridgewater’s injury, otherwise, they could fall behind fast.

14. New Orleans Saints (-1)

New Orleans lost to a Giants squad that has struggled all season long. Yes, they’re missing some key players, but they have not shown the ability to adjust their offense to their opponent. They are in desperate need of a Michael Thomas return.

13. Tennessee Titans (-2)

Much like the Saints, the Titans fell victim to a rough trap game. Without their top two options at wide receiver, the Titans’ offense looked miserable against an emerging Jets’ defense. The offensive line was miserable, Tannehill looked lost, and the defense conceded to Zach Wilson.

12. San Francisco 49ers (-3)

San Fran is in an interesting position. Despite being the worst team in their division, the 49ers are still a top-12 team in football. Not to mention, pending any issues with Jimmy G’s recovery, we could see a little more Trey Lance every week.

11. Dallas Cowboys (+1)

Dallas has looked just plain good. Their offense is dominant, and their defense is much improved from the lowly unit they had last year. Micah Parson is ridiculously talented, and the return of Ezekiel Elliot looks to be in full effect.

10. Seattle Seahawks (+4)

The Seahawks somehow played an awful first half offensively, and still walked away with a win against a really good 49ers team. Drawing their record to an even 2-2, the Seahawks will crawl their way back into the Super Bowl picture.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (+1)

Justin Herbert is legit. He has looked incredible starting with his Week 3 upset over Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Now, after knocking off back-to-back AFC West rivals, the Chargers are in the drivers’ seat.

8. Kansas City Chiefs (–)

The Chiefs bounced back from two one-possession losses with a big win over Philly. While the Eagles still managed to score points, Mahomes and Hill matched them shot for shot, all day long. Their connection is the reason KC fans should never worry.

7. Green Bay Packers (–)

Rodgers has the Packers looking right. With a convincing win over Big Ben and the Steelers, Green Bay has a big chance to gain ground in the North. I am a little concerned with the inconsistencies in getting Davante Adams the ball, but that is a small issue as of now.

6. Baltimore Ravens (–)

Lamar Jackson only had to run the ball seven times to land a convincing win over a previously undefeated squad. That is the key to a great team. The best player does not even need to utilize his greatest strength in order to win football games.

5. Cleveland Browns (-2)

I will give Cleveland all the credit in the world for holding Minnesota’s explosive offense to just seven points, and zero after their first drive. However, the Browns’ offense looked stale on Sunday, stalling out for the majority of the contest.

4. Buffalo Bills (+1)

The Bills have now outscored their opponents 118-21 in their last three matchups, including two shutouts against Miami and Houston. Josh Allen has placed himself squarely back in MVP contention and Buffalo’s stable of wide receivers are top-notch.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers narrowly escaped a loss to his former dynasty franchise. The Patriots severely limited the Buccs’ offense, something we have seen for a second straight week. I was hoping to see more from them, but perhaps the rest of the season will reveal more.

2. Los Angeles Rams (-1)

I knew Sunday’s matchup would be a great one, but I was not quite expecting it to be as one-sided as it was. Stafford and the Rams’ offense still looked solid, but the LA defense faltered in the face of Kyler Murray and the high-flying offense.

1. Arizona Cardinals (+4)

We have a new number one! Kyler Murray should be securely in first place in the MVP race to match his blossoming team. The best team in the NFL’s best division has impressed in every game this season. If they can keep it up, they will surely be the favorites out of the NFC.

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