NFL Power Rankings: Week 6 Part One

NFL Power Rankings: Week 6 Part One

Between the 89-point shootout in Cali and the Ravens’ second-half conquest over Indy this past week, there was no shortage of excitement. While the elite contenders still proved themselves, some struggling squads were able to back on track. Let’s take a look at my NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 6.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars (–)

Despite an incredible performance by James Robinson, the Jaguars just could not keep up with the Titans on offense. The continued absence of Julio Jones did not seem to benefit the Jaguars at all, and Trevor threw his eighth interception on the year.

31. Houston Texans (–)

Who would have guessed that Davis Mills would have one of the best performances by a rookie QB so far this season? After a few absolutely brutal starts, Mills looked capable against a typically punishing Patriots defense.

30. Detroit Lions (–)

Poor Lions fans. Detroit has played their hearts out in every game this season, and yet they have managed to fall short in every single one. It is a difficult position to be in, but at least this team looks to have a pulse.

29. New York Jets (-1)

One week after a huge upset victory over the Titans, the Jets managed to get shown up by a struggling Atlanta squad. The Falcons offense looked as good as they have all year despite missing key players, and New York could not do a thing about it.

28. New York Giants (-1)

No Saquon Barkley, no Kenny Golladay, and no Daniel Jones. There is actually the potential that all three are unavailable next week. So not only did the Giants lose, but they have lost every productive part of their offense thus far.

27. Atlanta Falcons (+2)

The Falcons surprised me a little bit this past week. On the road in London against a Jets team with some momentum, they finally looked like an offense. Both Cordarrelle Patterson and Mike Davis were able to make an impact on the ground, and Kyle Pitts exploded onto the scene.

26. Miami Dolphins (-1)

The Dolphins looked hapless against Tampa Bay. Sure, Tampa has a juggernaut team, but Miami just looked three steps behind. I really like what Brian Flores has done with this team, but they need the right QB to make it all work.

25. Philadelphia Eagles (+1)

I really enjoyed Philly’s win over the Panthers. I thought Jalen Hurts looked like the guy, and the Eagles’ defense looked good as they stopped a red-hot Sam Darnold. If they can keep this up, I think they could climb these rankings quickly.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (-2)

The Bengals played Green Bay so well… only to be one-half of the most unfortunate kicking performances in recent history. Despite four missed kicks from Mason Crosby, the two potential game-winners that were narrowly missed by Evan McPherson turned out to be the fate of Cincy.

23. Indianapolis Colts (-2)

Indianapolis played as well as they possibly could have through three quarters. Unfortunately, some injuries in the secondary allowed Lamar Jackson to absolutely take over down the stretch. His performance alone wrecked an otherwise great performance by the Colts.

22. Chicago Bears (+2)

The Bears were a popular upset pick to beat the Raiders last Sunday and they delivered. Despite no clarity gained from the plan at quarterback, Chicago’s defense look enough to carry this team.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers (+2)

Once again, Pittsburgh looked like a candidate to upset a favored opponent. Much like Chicago, they looked the part. With Juju Smith-Schuster out for the remainder of the season, Big Ben will have to really get his act together to will Pittsburgh to the playoffs

20. Washington Football Team (-2)

Washington has looked less and less impressive by the week. I love the swagger from Taylor Heinicke, but I just do not know if he is capable of playing at a high enough level for this team to succeed. Not to mention that defense… they have got some issues to work out there.

19. Carolina Panthers (-2)

Carolina looked mortal last weekend. I think they deserved to lose to Philly, and I think they have to really show up to play (with or without McCaffery) this Sunday to avoid back-to-back upsets.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (-2)

The Raiders were pretenders, and I think that is only going to become more and more evident as the season goes on. Although I feel bad for their current situation, I cannot help but think it is going to be a factor against them this season. Nobody loses a head coach like that mid-season without it affecting them.

17. Denver Broncos (-2)

Denver benefitted from an easy schedule to start the season, but now they are really getting tested. I think they need to start really utilizing Javonte Williams as the feature back in that offense, and once Jerry Jeudy returns, they will be in peak form.

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