NFL Power Rankings: Week 6 Part Two

NFL Power Rankings: Week 6 Part Two

Between the 89-point shootout in Cali and the Ravens’ second-half conquest over Indy this past week, there was no shortage of excitement. While the elite contenders still proved themselves, some struggling squads were able to back on track. Let’s take a look at my NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 6.

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16. Minnesota Vikings (+4)

The Vikings held a sizeable lead in this one, and yet it took a game-winning field goal to bring home the win. However, I think the past three weeks have been really positive for the Vikings. We have seen their defense really step up and play at a high level now.

15. New England Patriots (+4)

The Patriots worried me with a tight win over Houston. However, they managed to pull off a win, and Mac Jones seems to still be working out pretty well in New England. Watch for this team to get progressively better as the season goes on.

14. San Francisco 49ers (-2)

The 49ers are on a skid right now, and it is hard telling what the answer is. Next up, they play a Colts team that has looked very good two weeks in a row now. If they can get back on track quickly, perhaps they can turn this season around.

13. Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Losing a top-five quarterback will always have the potential to derail a squad. While Geno Smith looked good in reserve, he will need to prove he can play consistently to keep Seattle in this race until Russell Wilson comes back healthy.

12. New Orleans Saints (+2)

The Saints may be the most hot and cold team in football. They have three solid, quality wins under their belts, as well as two underwhelming and hapless losses. However, the good news is that they have a bye week until they get Michael Thomas back against a Geno Smith-led Seahawks squad.

11. Tennessee Titans (+2)

Tennessee fell victim to a trap game just two weeks ago. This week, however, they proved it was nothing more than a fluke. With AJ Brown getting less than 40 yards and Julio Jones still out, they blew by a stuttering Jaguars team.

10. Kansas City Chiefs (-2)

The Chiefs are struggling early, and that is okay. This team has all of the pieces of a Super Bowl squad still. They have all season to figure out the issue and sneak into the playoffs. If they are at their peak by the time December rolls around, they will be a top competitor once again.

9. Dallas Cowboys (+2)

The Cowboys are looking more and more elite by the week. Dak is legitimately a top seven or eight QB in football and Ezekiel Elliott looks rejuvenated. The defense is also getting better with every matchup. This team can really compete for a championship this season.

8. Green Bay Packers (-1)

Green Bay has not looked as convincing as I would expect from them. However, any offense with Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and Davante Adams is not one to bet against. As Rodgers chases another MVP, this team will threaten anyone in the league.

7. Baltimore Ravens (-1)

Just wow, Lamar Jackson is amazing. I do not know how a former MVP has actually become undervalued, but this man is doing things that nobody else can. He was the single driving force that willed the Ravens to a victory on Monday night.

6. Cleveland Browns (-1)

The Browns played insanely well on Sunday. In fact, statistically, they had the best ever performance by a losing team in history. No turnovers, 40+ points, and yet they were not able to bring home the win against the hottest team in football.

5. Los Angeles Chargers (+4)

The Chargers are ELITE. Justin Herbert should be among the frontrunners for the MVP. Austin Ekeler looks like a top 10 running back, and Brandon Staley may have found the perfect blueprint to use both Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. This squad is insane.

4. Buffalo Bills (–)

If any of the top three teams slip up, even a little bit, the Bills are ready to pounce. After stumbling against Pittsburgh in Week 1, they may be the most dominant team since. Josh Allen has also thrown his name into the MVP conversation for a second straight week.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (–)

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers look just as amazing every week. No quarterback in football has a better arsenal of weapons at their disposal, and Brady makes sure they all get a chance to shine. Combine that with a top-tier defense and watch out.

2. Los Angeles Rams (–)

Matt Stafford did not even have to play his best football for the Rams to take control of the Thursday night matchup against Seattle. The Rams defense looks top-notch, even though Jalen Ramsey did get bested by DK more often than not.

1. Arizona Cardinals (–)

Arizona is still the team to beat in the NFL right now. Whether that streak ends this upcoming week against Cleveland or not, I still do not know, but I am excited nonetheless. Kyler Murray has played lights out, and the Cardinals may be the most exciting team in football.

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