N’Keal Harry: Should The Kansas City Chiefs Trade For Him?

July 7, 2021

The Kansas City Chiefs and the WR2 conversation; name me a better duo, I’ll wait. Another wide receiver has entered the battlefield of whether or not the Chiefs will fetch him or pass on him. That wide receiver comes from the city of Foxborough, and his name is N’Keal Harry.

Harry is the former 2019 first-round pick, hailing from Arizona St where he was the second wide receiver selected in that draft. Looking back at his first two years in the league, it didn’t bode well for him, at all. His agent formally requested a trade to send him out of the Patriots’ franchise so he could get a fresh start with a new organization.

Nevertheless, should Kansas City open its arms and reach out to give Harry that fresh start? Let’s break it all down and find out:

Looking Through N’Keal Harry’s Past

N’Keal Harry has had a rather rough start to his NFL career. In 2019, he didn’t play through Week 1-9 due to a Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 2. He didn’t do much his rookie year either, totaling only 12 catches on 24 targets for 105 yards and two touchdowns. His best game was a loss against Miami in Week 17, catching three passes for 29 yards. It’s bad for a ‘best performance’, but what makes it worse is that he was targeted seven times that game.

2020 was an improvement, but not by any means was it a good one. Harry played 14 games due to a Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1 that kept him out for Weeks 8-9. In 2020, he caught 33 passes on 57 targets for 309 yards and two touchdowns. Harry is known as a deep threat when he attended Arizona St, however, he has shown otherwise within the league. Harry has also yet to have one 100+ yard game, and his career-high for yards in an NFL game is 72 (@SEA, 09/20/2020).

To say his career has been a disaster is a complete understatement. Damages in Florida after hurricanes look ten times better than Harry’s career right now.

His Value

Due to his stats and how he has panned out, Harry will not be worth a lot to trade for. He would be a low-risk, mid to high-reward player that could go back into him being a deep threat again. Here’s the trade for if the Chiefs were to do it:

Chiefs get: N’Keal Harry

Patriots get: 2022 sixth-round pick

This is a win-win trade for both parties. The Patriots send off a failed first-round pick, and the Chiefs get a low-risk player that could develop into a star for their pass-heavy offense. The Chiefs also aren’t afraid to trade for failed former first-rounders as they just did it this offseason with the Vikings for Mike Hughes.

Should The Chiefs Trade For N’Keal Harry?

The moment we have been waiting for; the creme de la creme answer for the proposed question. Should the Kansas City Chiefs trade for N’Keal Harry? My answer is *drumroll*:


I’m all about redemption arcs, but I think the Chiefs should easily pass on this one.

The Chiefs Have A Solid Battle Brewing Already

The battle between the WR2 spot is between Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson, Cornell Powell, and Byron Pringle. Three of these guys know the Chiefs’ system and how it is run, and in terms of talent, they all have a shot to get it, while some have more of an advantage than others. The Chiefs already have guys vying for that spot; Harry wouldn’t bold too well, and while he did play with Cam Newton, his catch percentage is under 60%, which can only be faulted by the QB so much.

It’s not worth the time. The Chiefs could easily pick a rookie who they know will be successful when they put him in with the sixth-round pick suggested earlier.

A WR Has To Catch, And N’Keal Harry Can’t Manage That

I brought this up a few sentences ago; Harry’s catch percentage was under 60% in 2020 at 57.9%; a literal F for catching. His 2019 season wasn’t grand either, catching 50% of passes thrown to him. You can have the best route running, the best release, and the best separation quickness in the world, but if you can’t catch the ball, it’s all worthless.

Hardman had a catch percentage of 66.1% in 2020, Robinson had a catch percentage of 76.3%, and Pringle had a catch percentage of 76.5%. I’d much rather have a wide receiver who holds an above 65% catch percentage rather than a player who hasn’t scratched 60% yet.

N’Keal Harry Doesn’t Produce With Snaps Given

To prove this point, let’s compare N’Keal Harry, a starting WR for the Patriots, and Mecole Hardman, who was utilized in the slot and the WR3 spot. Harry had more snaps, 584, compared to Mecole Hardman, 499, in 2020. How do they compare?

Hardman beat him out in almost every category, including catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. What about compared to his own teammate, Jakobi Myers, who was an undrafted free agent in 2019? Well, Myers beats him out in every stat except for touchdowns. If Myers had more NFL experience, it would be another story, but recall that they were in the same draft class.

A UDFA shouldn’t be doing better than a first-rounder. I applaud Myers for his determination and grit as it will all pay off, but I’m disappointed in Harry for the most part.


The Chiefs shouldn’t trade for N’Keal Harry and should pay no mind to it for the points given. While it would be a low-risk, mid to high reward trade, the Chiefs already have much better guys fighting for the WR2 spot. It would be a waste of a draft pick and a waste of time.

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