NXT Went To War With Two Wargames Matches

Spoilers ahead: WWE Presented, NXT Takeover: Wargames!

Sunday, Dec 7, 2020, NXT Takeover, once again held Wargames!! Two connected rings surrounded by a steel cage! Eight combatants, each entering the battle in five-minute intervals until all eight have entered, then the match officially begins! Any and everything is legal! The only way to win is to pin or submit one member of the opponent’s team inside one of the rings! Here are a few of my takes on the matches:

Five matches took place:

  • Team Candice vs Team Shotzi (WarGames Match)
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs Timothy Thatcher
  • Dexter Lumis vs Cameron Grimes (Strap Match)
  • Johnny Gargano vs Damian Priest vs Leon Ruff (c) for the NXT North American Championship
  • The Undisputed ERA vs Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch (Wargames Match)

Team Candice def. Team Shotzi (WarGames Match)

In a very entertaining, back and forth match up! We saw kendo sticks, trash cans, and trash can lids, chairs, ladders, and hammers all being used! Women’s Champion, Io Shirai, came off the top of the cage wearing a trash can and then was crushed in a trash can as Dakota Kai landed on her with a double stomp from the top rope! Finally, Gonzalez hit a huge powerbomb, on Shirai, through a ladder between the rings, to pick up the victory for Team Candice, and probably make her next in line for an NXT Women’s Championship Title match in the future!

Tommaso Ciampa def. Timothy Thatcher

In this highly personal fight, Thatcher zeroed in on the weakened neck of Ciampa. The two combatants went back and forth, with Ciampa catching Thatcher in the ear with a knee causing the blood to flow! Ciampa emerged victorious with his Willow’s Bell finisher for the three-count!

Dexter Lumis def. Cameron Grimes (Strap Match)

With Grimes bringing his own strap to the ring and insisting it was to be used and finally gaining the upper hand, controlling Lumis through the match, even placing a black bag on his head (remnants of a previous match), and maintaining some control, Lumis used his “sixth sense” to hit a devastating spine buster and completely turning the tables! Using the strap to whip his opponent unsympathetically, causing huge whelps to form on Grimes’ back, Lumis then tied his rival’s feet together with the strap, and dropped him face-first onto a chair; following that up by locking in his silence submission hold for the victory!

Johnny Gargano def. Leon Ruff and Damian Priest for the NXT North American Championship

Leon Ruff as North American Champ has finally run its course, but it came to an end in a very epic three-way match! Johnny Gargano is truly a performer who can make anyone look good in the ring, combine that with the size and strength of Priest, then sprinkle in a very game, quick, and athletic Ruff and you have an entertaining match! Ruff showed some refinement in his moves working very well with Priest, even being put through the ringside barricade! Gargano and Priest continued their rivalry, with back and forth efforts, each man getting certain advantages, but never getting the upper hand. That was until a surge of ghost-faced attackers attacked Priest, with one landing a blow with a pipe, taking him out of the conclusion of the match!

Gargano seized the moment, connected with his One Final Beat finisher on Ruff, and regaining his title. As Priest came around after the match, the ghost-face that attacked him with the pipe turned out to be Austin Theory, so it looks like Gargano gains the advantage in the rivalry at least for now. What will happen to Ruff, I just wonder if he will continue to be present on NXT?

The Undisputed ERA vs Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch (Wargames Match)

The Undisputed ERA is Veterans when it comes to the Wargames Match, and it truly showed with the performance they put on Sunday night, however, Dunne, Lorcan, Burch, and even McAfee gave themselves a great showing, in a chaotic showdown, for supremacy in NXT! Weapons of all sorts emerged as each combatant entered the ring, even including cricket bats. Move after the move was hit by each team, with Pat McAfee, former NFL punter, launching himself off the top of the cage and somersaulting onto everyone below.

Finally, the well-oiled machine that is UE began to show superiority, by trapping Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch between the ropes and the cage, assaulting them with a flurry of moves from splashes to superkicks, leaving McAfee alone with UE for a little payback.

After surviving the onslaught, McAfee then hit Adam Cole with a low-blow, allowing his team to swing the momentum in their favor for a bit. Bobby Fish then drove Burch through a table, once again sifting the match back to the UE, Cole clocked McAfee with a superkick as he came off the top and McAfee then proceeded to kick out of Cole’s Panama Sunrise knee strike pin attempt, which was not popular with wrestling fans at ringside and on social media. As in-ring chaos continued, Kyle O’Reilly leaped off the top rope, driving a chair into the face of Lorcan for the three-count and an Undisputed ERA victory! As the UE stood over their fallen opponents, it is clear that the Undisputed ERA is one of the best factions going today!

NXT Champion Finn Balor cut a short promo telling the NXT Universe to enjoy Wargames tonight, for starting on Wednesday, all eyes will back on the Prince, which I for one am ready to have him back! Then later, the lights flickered and a video played on the screen, giving hints that former Champ Karrion Kross may be returning soon and is going to be looking to regain his title!

All in all, NXT Takeover: Wargames was an enjoyable PPV, the performers showing off their in-ring skills. All the superstars worked well together and continued to drive home their points through some amazing in-ring action! Wednesday NXT should be entertaining as we sort through all chaos from Sunday!