NY Jets VS. Carolina Panthers Is Actually Zach Wilson VS. Sam Darnold

The NFL schedule came out Wednesday night and as a NY Jets fan, I was not happy with what the NFL did. For rookie Head Coach Robert Saleh’s first game, he has to go against ex Jets quarterback Sam Darnold that he and General manager Joe Douglas did not want. Oh, and by the way, Carolina’s Head Coach Matt Rhule was almost New York’s Head coach two years ago but stayed at Baylor, leading him to take the Carolina job the year after. You think it stops there, well it doesn’t with Robby Anderson who was in New York two years ago and is now back with his old quarterback.

We all know that if Rookie Quarterback Zach Wilson struggles opening night that the New York media is going to have a field day with the hot takes. After one game the media is going to run with a storyline that Darnold got the last laugh at New York and how they lost the trade already. It’s what I hate about today’s media in general, where facts don’t matter anymore nor does waiting for a normal reaction instead of having the hottest of takes. It’s going to be the same for Carolina’s if they lose that game as well. But, we all know that it won’t be as bad as the New York media will be. We have seen what the New York media will do to their teams, basically always overreacting to everything whether its good or bad.

Zach Wilson is going to be the starter from day one, and he is going to be thrown straight into the fire. At, first I didn’t know how I felt about Wilson going against New York’s old signal caller because of what I’ve said earlier but as a longtime fan of New York I just want to see a true franchise Quarterback just once in my life. I want to know what Wilson looks like under a little awkwardness. But at the same time, I won’t say he can’t play if he struggles in week 1 either.

Hopefully, the New York media doesn’t fire and trade everyone after one game, even though we all know they will. Do you know what will shut the media up? Going out there and playing well and beating the Carolina Panthers in week one.