On His 37th Birthday, Aaron Rodgers Remains The Most Valuable Player In The NFL

Wednesday, December 2nd, marks the 37th birthday of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The future Hall of Famer should take some time to enjoy himself today, while the rest of the world should take some time to realize what he’s currently doing on the football field.

In a league with quite a few young and electric quarterbacks, Rodgers is proving he’s the most valuable player to his team’s success in the entire NFL. Quite frankly, what he’s doing this year and the team’s results stand head and shoulders above what the other top signal-callers have proven on the field.

Let me explain why:

His numbers are second to none on the season

Don’t allow yourself to forget the narrative from the second the Packers selected Jordan Love in the first round of the NFL Draft. Everyone said they should go wide receiver in round one, while many said they NEEDED to. Instead, they added none in the draft. People said it was unacceptable.

Fast forward to a few weeks into the season, following Allan Lazard’s injury, and you know what the narrative was again. The Packers had openly decided to waste Rodgers’s late-career years. Since those things were discussed that recently, and to an extent they were fair topics to bring up, why aren’t people seeing how much more valuable he is to his team right now than the other top QBs?

Rodger’s numbers are eerily similar to Patrick Mahomes on the season right now, and they’re both well ahead of the next few QBs. Both are also on teams that are competing for the first seed in their respective conferences.

Rodgers is quite literally doing more with less week in and week out. Don’t get me wrong, he has his absolute stud in Davante Adams. His next leading receiver on the season? Marquez Valdes-Scantling at 518 yards.

The players’ everyone wants to crown MVP or wanted to a few weeks ago, have one-two punches of D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, and Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Can Mahomes really be considered more valuable to his team right now if he’s essentially doing the same thing as Rodgers, but with a significantly better supporting cast?

It’s time we decide in sports: Start giving MVP awards to the players that are actually the most valuable to their teams’ success, or start calling that award a more accurate name.

I don’t expect Rodgers to win it, even though I think he very well could earn it. MVP has long been an issue in many sports at times. I’ve personally accepted the award for what it is quite often, a guy who lit it up on a great team.

My only concern is if people truly aren’t seeing and getting what number 12 in Green Bay is doing this year. It would be a shame to not see the show, especially if it’s just because you tried crowing Russell Wilson in Week Two and have since defaulted to Mahomes.