Patrick Mahomes II Will Come Back Better Than Ever

After suffering his worst defeat in his NFL career in Superbowl LV, Patrick Mahomes II is poised to come back for the 2021 season better than ever.

First Four Seasons

To say Mahomes’ start to his career is stellar is a gross understatement. Of course, his first season was backing up Alex Smith. His second season, the first season as a starter for the Chiefs. 12-4 record, League MVP, AFC West title, leading the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game, and an offsides call away from the Superbowl LIII

His third season, second season as a starter. 12-4 record, AFC West title, AFC Championship title, Superbowl LIV Champion, and Superbowl MVP.

His fourth season, third season as a starter. 14-2 record, of course, he didn’t play in the final game of the season, which ended in the Chiefs’ second loss. AFC West title, AFC Championship title, and represented the AFC in Superbowl LV.

However, Superbowl LV was by no means what Mahomes expected it to be. With that game being the worst game of his career, statistically speaking. Working a patch-worked offensive line, receivers appeared to have butterfingers, not to mention upcoming toe surgery. And yet Mahomes was the first to say he should’ve executed better. Once again, taking nothing away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They had a perfect game plan and executed it to a tee.

Through his first four years in the NFL. Very few negative things have ever been said about Patrick Mahomes II, Once he started playing. He has been called the best football player in the NFL, even as far as the best active quarterback in the game. However, it has been said and argued that he doesn’t have that chip on his shoulder. That nag in the back of his head that says he’s not good enough to be an elite quarterback. Well, guess what, NFL.

The Chip Has Landed

With that devastating loss in Superbowl LV. That chip on his shoulder is the size of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Many of the NFL experts have said that what makes a great quarterback elite is that chip on their shoulder. It gives them that edge. Drew Brees to short, Tom Brady sixth-round pick, not supposed to be the G.O.A.T., Aaron Rodgers just a fill-in for Brett Favre, The list goes on and on.

This chip may be what Mahomes needs to motivate him to all-time greatness. He was well on his way, but this chip, this edge, to now prove all the nay-sayers wrong that he does deserve to be mentioned with the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

With that being said. This will be no easy task. He is going to have to change up some things about his game. The league now has ample film on him, and defenses can plan accordingly. So he will have to prepare for any defensive schemes thrown at him.

He will have to change how he sees defenses and the game itself, what to do when things fall apart. What can he do in-game to change the situation, to come out with a victory, even with having a bad game? If Superbowl LV taught us anything, its things could come crashing down in an instant.

Subsequently, How Mahomes deals with this huge loss, deals with this heartache is the start of the comeback. To threepeat in Superbowl appearances, and winning two out of the three, would state that the comeback is complete.


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