Patrick Mahomes Was Brilliant In Super Bowl LV Loss

For those who only read the stat sheets, brilliant is not the word you would use for Patrick Mahomes II’s performance in Superbowl LV. However, if you unbiasedly watched that game, your thoughts of his performance might have been brilliant, even in the jaws of defeat. Not saying he shouldn’t shoulder some of the blame; Mahomes himself stated afterward, “I could’ve executed better.”


With his stat sheet looking bleak, 26 completions on 49 attempts for 270 yards, giving him barely above 50% completion rating, 0 TDs, 2 INTs, and even a fumble recovered by his team. Mahomes’ passer rating was an abysmal 52.3%. The one bright spot being 5 rushes for 33 yards, averaging 6.6 yards per rush. This being said, stats do not show us the size of anyone’s heart, especially in the world of sports.


Taking absolutely nothing away from the performance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in all facets of the Superbowl. They had a truly outstanding game plan and executed it to a tee.

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That being acknowledged, suppose you look at Mahomes’ performance in the midst of that game plan. You saw a young player give absolutely everything he had to try to make a play. The front four of the Tampa Bay defense was in the KC backfield more than Mahomes himself, causing him to run for his life, literally. Admittedly, Mahomes did appear to be looking for deeper passes for most of the game. The speed of the TB defensive line, and the manhandling of the KC offensive line, made even the hot reads difficult.

The protection Mahomes had from his patch-worked offensive line was truly atrocious. The mixing and matching of lineman was not the answer. Likewise, there didn’t seem to be any in-game scheme change to help protect. The Next Gen Stats from NFL Network state that Mahomes ran 497 yards during the Superbowl, most of which was in his own backfield.

Similarly, most of the pass attempts he got off were in the clutches of a defensive player, being twisted and pulled from every angle. Subsequently, some of the most unbelievable pass attempts won’t make the stat sheets, for the receivers dropped them. Several were right in and through their hands, hitting them in the facemasks.


To say his play in the Superbowl was brilliant might be a stretch. But, if you watched that game from start to finish, you really can’t use any other word with all of the adversity he faced. Stacking on top of a toe injury that is going to require surgery. For him to get 270 passing yards and barely above a 50% completion rating should solidify the use of that word.

Moving forward, his brilliance will show even more as he works harder than he ever has. He’s making changes to his game and the way he thinks during games and is figuring out what to do better in the face of all that adversity.

This one will sting for a very long time. However, how he handles the brutal loss, processes it, and moves forward from it. That will tell us just how brilliant Patrick Mahomes II truly is.

*All stats from NFL Network