Predicting The Miami Dolphins’ 2021 Record

As of last night, the NFL schedules for each team have been released. The Chargers made a PowerPoint showcasing theirs with Joey Bosa presenting it. However, most did it regularly, just using a cool graphic showcasing their schedule; that’s what the Dolphins did. Here is their schedule:

This looks like an exciting season, with many fantastic games that I’m excited to watch; specifically, the Ravens and the Bills’ games and their two primetime games. With that said, let’s predict the Miami Dolphins’ 2021 record!

Week 1: @ New England

We have no clue who is starting for the Patriots; it could be either Cam Newton or Mac Jones, but my money is on Newton due to it being early in the season. No matter who plays though, the Patriots will have a tough time against this young and revamped Dolphins’ defense. The addition of Devin McCourty makes the secondary much more lethal.

Also, while the Patriots did sign Kyle Van Noy back, the Dolphins’ o-line should be able to keep a handle on him. You could expect a big game from the Tua and Waddle in this one too, as Waddle will show out in his first game as a rookie. I say he gets 100+ yards and a touchdown at least.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 2: Vs Buffalo

That Bills offense is monstrous to stop, and even with home-field advantage, it will be a challenge for the Dolphins’ defense. Tua could still throw around this Bills’ pass defense and could break off a big rushing game against them as well. However, it will be close and it will come down to the last drive. I have the Dolphins in the upset.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 3: @ Oakland

Oakland always has a way to start hot once the gates open. The Dolphins were lucky the last time they placed with a spectacular miracle of a play from Fitzmagic himself. While the game will be close, I see the offense pulling it off. the improvements made to that offense could easily overpower the Raiders’ defense.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 4: Vs Colts

With Carson Wentz trying to revitalize his career with his former mentor and now head coach Frank Reich, they’ll be coming into Miami to do just that. The Colts have a well-oiled machine and one of the best offensive lines in the league with one of the best interior offensive lineman in the league in Quinten Nelson.

It will be a close game, but I have a feeling the Dolphins will drop this one. The offense can dominate this good Dolphins’ defense, and while the Dolphins’ offense could pull off some key drives, I can see the Colts pulling it off. Both teams are amazing, but there can be only one winner.

Winner: The Colts

Week 5: @ Tampa Bay

There really isn’t too much to say here. The reigning Super Bowl champions, the Bucs, have massacred good teams with great defenses. Their defense is monstrous, like Devin White and Lavonte David in the linebacking core, Suh and Vea in the defensive line, and Winfield and Murphy-Bunting roaming the secondary. Brady is now used to this system, and it has shown in the Super Bowl. The Dolphins will sadly lose this game.

Winner: The Buccaneers

Week 6: @ Jacksonville (London Game)

Both teams are away, so there’ll be no home-field advantage. Lawrence is looking like a quality rookie, and Etienne, his old Clemson teammate, has a chemistry that is tough to beat. While the offense could be a problem for the Dolphins’ defense, Tua and company will obliterate this Jaguars defense just like everyone else did last year. The Jags won’t be 1-15, but they definitely won’t win this game.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 7: Vs Atlanta

The Falcons are the Falcons. They will find a way to blow this game. Hey @AtlantaFalcons, who will find a way to blow this game?

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 8: @ Buffalo

The last time the Dolphins played against the Bills at Buffalo, they were slaughtered in a 56-26 loss. Josh Allen and Matt Barkley had a field day, throwing for a combined 388 yards and four touchdowns. The Bills also scored fur touchdowns in the second quarter, and Tua threw three interceptions in that game.

While I don’t think it’ll be the same as last time, I do think that the Dolphins will lose this game. Josh Allen and that offense will overpower the defense, and the Bills’ defense, while they won’t have a game like last time, will find a way to limit Tua. Also, not having a true running game will kill them.

Winner: The Bills

Week 9: Vs Texans

With the quarterback controversy surrounding Watson, with the Texans losing a lot of key pieces, including Watt and Fuller, and with Texans management having a not-so-great draft, the Texans are frantic this season. I don’t expect a lot from the Texans next season, and I see Tua and having a Player of the Week caliber game against them. Houston was ranked 23rd last season in pass defense; prepare for a Tua air raid.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 10: Vs Ravens (TNF)

Baltimore was ranked sixth in both pass and rush defense last season, and their defense has stayed pretty much abide a few minor changes. The offensive line was bolstered as well with the addition of Alejandro Villanueva and the offense is still the same with Lamar Jackson leading the helm. The Dolphins will lose this game; the Ravens are too powerful to stop.

Winner: The Ravens

Week 11: @ New York Jets

While we may be rivals, you have to give credit where credit is due; they got rid of the curse of Adam Gase (I think Dolphins’ fans can feel happy for him) and brought Robert Saleh as the head coach, they added a new young, highly talented prospect in Zach Wilson, they signed Wilson weapons with the likes of Corey Davis and Keelan Cole, they bolstered the defense with the additions of Carl Lawson and Jarrad Davis, and so on. It seems like the Jets have something going.

However, even with this revamp, the Jets won’t have enough to beat the Dolphins. I feel like the Jets don’t have enough pieces to make and run, and I feel this Dolphins’ roster can overpower the Jets’ roster throughout the season.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 12: Vs. Carolina

Carolina is in the midst of a rebuild this season; they still have a lot of talent to work with on offense with Christian McCaffrey, Robby Anderson, and their new quarterback in Sam Darnold. Their defense is a bit shaky, but they could still put up a good game against Tua and the Dolphins’ offense. The pass would be a key in winning this game; the Dolphins could do just that.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 13: Vs. New York Giants

Good ole Danny Dimes is coming down to the Sunshine State to face the Dolphins in a fun matchup. When it’s not against Washington, Jones is 4-18 against everyone else. If he’s still starting, this will be an easy win for the Dolphins. I can see Howard having a two-interception game.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 14: Bye

Week 15: Vs New York Jets

Same as the reasons stated above for their first showing. Being away or at home doesn’t change the outcome of this matchup.

Winner: The Dolphins

Week 16: @ New Orleans (MNF)

Without knowing who’ll start for the Saints this season, it’s tough to predict what will happen this week. With Winston, the Saints could easily win this game, especially with how Payton likes to run his offense. With Hill starting, it’s a coin toss to see what would happen. They’ll be playing away, and that offense and defense is a force to be reckoned with.

This will be a close game; sadly, not all close games can be won.

Winner: The Saints

Week 17: @ Tennesse

Derrick Henry; I feel like that’s all I have to say for what the result of this game will be. While Miami only allowed 116.4 yards per game (16th in the league), Derrick Henry is a different kind of monster. He will steamroll this Dolphins’ defense. Tua and company can put up points, but it won’t be enough.

Winner: The Titans

Week 18: Vs New England

As stated in the first matchup, we have no clue who’s starting. However, the Dolphins have a good track record at home versus the Patriots, winning six of their eight games when the Patriots came to MIA. Home-field advantage will be a huge advantage this week, and with the Dolphins vying for a good seeding in the playoffs, the stadium will be packed. It doesn’t matter who starts for the Patriots; the results will be the same.

Winner: The Dolphins

Overall Record: 11-6

What’s your Dolphins’ record prediction? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion!

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