Pro Wrestling News And Rumors For Monday, July 26th

Pro Wrestling News And Rumors For Monday, July 26th

Hey everyone, it’s Sam here and we in the wrestling world have been inundated with news and rumors for the past two weeks. Let’s get caught up on some of them and find out what has happened since. In other words, let’s talk about the behind-the-scenes world of pro wrestling.

Karrion Kross on Raw

Jeff Hardy and Karrion Kross wrestled in Kross’ Raw debut match on July 19th. Hardy won in about two minutes. PW Insider noted that Jeff Hardy was planned to wrestle Kross again on Raw for a rematch. However, Hardy was pulled immediately from the road when he tested positive for Covid.

Andrew Zarian from the Mat Men Podcast started he was told that WWE has a clear direction for Karrion Kross and the loss to Jeff Hardy was just the start of it. Karrion was supposed to continue to lose until Scarlet showed up.

My thoughts: If they were truly having the storyline be that Karrion Kross needed Scarlet to win then that makes more sense than anything else on Raw. Do I believe it? I don’t know. Vince McMahon likes to bring down NXT undefeated Champions. It might have been a cool storyline.

Mandatory Training News

Fightful Select says wrestlers were able to get out of mandatory training at the Performance Center if they had a personal reason. Too bad that Bayley didn’t come up with one maybe she wouldn’t be hurt right now. Numerous wrestlers weren’t in attendance, but all women wrestlers were present.

My thoughts: This sounds good in theory, but was it thought completely out. I doubt it. I mean Bayley got hurt a week or so from Money in the Bank. Shouldn’t this have started earlier? They’ve known they were going back on the road on July 16th forever.

Why not start this the first week of June? Have Smackdown wrestlers come in Wednesday and Raw wrestlers come on Saturday. That way everyone gets more work slower instead of having everyone on top of each other.

The Start of Andrade vs Kenny Omega or No Way

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter said that Andrade was originally supposed to close Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV to confront Kenny Omega, but it fell through when they could not agree on money.

My thoughts: I’m been saying this for about two months on my Pro Wrestling Overtime podcast. Andrade challenged Kenny Omega for his AAA Mega Championship at TripleMania on August 14th. Rumors are that Andrade wins with help from his best friend, RUSH, and others. When Andrade shows up at AEW with his new title. Kenny gets upset, so Callis makes a Title For Title Match at All Out on September 5th.

MLW Battle Riot III News

Richard Holliday didn’t end up wrestling at MLW’s Battle Riot III because of an angle they shot earlier in the night. He was busted open the hard way, so the company played it safe. According to PW Insider, Holliday was sent to a local hospital to check for a concussion. I hope and I’m sure many others wish him the best and quick healing.

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