Raiders Preseason Week One – Pros And Cons

Raiders Preseason Week One – Pros And Cons

The first of three Raiders preseason games was last night and there were some good things and some bad things. Here is my list of pros and cons from last night’s game.


Zay Jones looked great last night. Like I said in an earlier article, keep your eye out for him when he is on the field. Jones reeled in all three of his targets for a total of 57 yards last night and would have had a touchdown had the play been reviewed. I understand that three catches may not be the craziest stat line. But it’s not about the volume. It’s about what you do when you get the chance and Zay capitalized on every chance.

Just one of Zay’s great catches and Peterman’s outstanding performance

Quarterback Nathan Peterman played all but the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. Peterman threw a total of thirty-nine passes and completed all but ten for a total of 246 yards. From what I saw a majority of the passes were downfield, which is a good sign for not only him but the offense as a whole.

If we are getting to see play calls that get receivers open downfield we could see a big year from our receivers. Hopefully, we see more of this version of Peterman throughout the Raiders preseason.

The defense. Yes, you saw that right, the defense. Now don’t get too excited or read into that too much as it still wasn’t great. However, they did allow only one touchdown.

Now I know that it’s preseason and they weren’t playing against starters, but again it showed the depth of the team. The secondary cycled through the entirety of the players aside from, what I saw, Trayvon Mullen and Casey Hayward. I also saw the d-line play everyone but Ngakoue, Crosby, McCoy, and Hankins. Both of those groups saw a talent overhaul this offseason so seeing all those players out there and keep the Seahawks under wraps was a good feeling. 

Backup running backs Trey Ragas and B.J. Emmons looked like a solid one, two combo in last night’s game showing what we already know. The Raiders RB room is deep. Both players made defenders miss more than once. Both players pounded in a goal-line touchdown. And both players averaged over four yards a carry.

Ragas totaled 13 carries for 62 yards and Emmons totaled nine carries for 45 yards. While it’s up in the air if either back will make the final roster or see playing time in the regular season, it is nice to know they’re capable when given the chance.


The biggest and only con from last night’s game in my eyes was the lack of pressure. I know I just said the defense was a pro, but as a unit, they finished with one sack and it came from rookie CB Nate Hobbs. Now there were times where the line would break free of their blocker and chase down the QB but similarly to last year couldn’t finish. Personally, I’m not too worried since it’s the first game in Bradley’s system.

Overall, the first Raiders preseason game was a good example of the team’s added depth. Plus, it gave us fans some things to look forward to. 

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