Ranking Young Players And Their Max Contracts

Today we will discuss the max contracts that were given out to the young stars this offseason and ranking the players who got them. We will be breaking down the deals of Jayson Tatum, De’Aaron Fox, Brandon Ingram, Bam Adebayo, and Donovan Mitchell.

#5 De’Aaron Fox, 5 years, $163 Million

These past couple of years, Fox has been sort of the forgotten one when it comes to the attention these stars get. A reason for this may be because he is in a small market like Sacramento, but nonetheless, he was still a top 5 NBA draft pick.

He was a great player on Kentucky and continues to provide the same for the Kings. Fox needs to work on his shooting a little more in order to turn into that elite player that some others are turning into. With another young piece next to him in Marvin Bagley, there should only be room for improvement in Fox’s future.

#4 Bam Adebayo, 5 years, $195 Million

Bam had a great regular season, but he really made his mark in the bubble this year. He was a major part of the Miami Heat team that won the East and knocked off some of the better teams in this league like the Bucks and the Celtics.

He has proven to be a real sleeper in the class he was drafted in and will only be getting better every season. Last year, he averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds on 55% shooting. With the contract he got, the Heat clearly have a lot of faith and trust in him. He should only be at the very peak of his dominance.

#3 Donovan Mitchell, 5 years, $195 Million

The Utah Jazz definitely have a keeper in Donovan Mitchell. He dropped in the draft but has already proved to the teams that passed on him that they made a huge mistake. He has been a proven leader on and off the court for the Jazz as well.

He has done a lot for the community in Utah and they clearly took that into consideration when signing him to this massive contract. His team was up 3-1 on the Denver Nuggets before losing the next three games. This team certainly is trending in the right direction, but there is still clearly work to do in order for Donovan and the Jazz to take the next step.

#2 Brandon Ingram, 5 years, #158 Million

Brandon Ingram is merging into a young superstar and the Pelicans should feel lucky and extremely blessed to have him, as he isn’t even in the prime of his career yet. He made his first all-star appearance this year as well, along with career highs in many categories including points per game.

The scary part is, he and Zion are so young, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long time in this league. If they continue to see the improvement from both of their superstars, the Pelicans will be a problem for teams for many years to come.

#1 Jayson Tatum, 5 years, $195 Million

There is little to no doubt that Jason Tatum is not only the best, but most likely has the strongest upside out of all the young players in the league. He has been the best player on Boston since his second year in the league and is only getting better year by year.

Playing in a city like Boston, it was obvious from the start that he would be put under enormous pressure and expectations to try and deliver a title to a city that is used to winning.

Tatum and Brown are one of, if not the best young duo in all of basketball, so they will be faced with the pressure of winning. They will have even more room to score this year because of the Gordon Hayward departure. Tatum will be looking to lead this very talented Celtic team this year.