Report: Corey Linsley Will Not Return To The Packers

The Green Bay Packers, like many teams, have tough decisions to make regarding the salary cap. Some free agents will have to walk and some players under contract will be cut. Among the Packers’ free agents this offseason is center Corey Linsley. In a recent report, it appears as if Linsley and the Packers are going to part ways.

Packers’ Recent Signings

During the 2020 season, the Green Bay Packers extended Kenny Clark and David Bakhtiari. Both players are integral to the Packers’ success, and it came as no surprise. Bakhtiari’s deal, especially, gained much attention because it made him the highest paid left tackle in NFL history.

Recently, in an effort to help the Packers get under the salary cap, Bakhitari restructured his deal. The move saved the Packers over $8 million. Even though is amount is significant, it was not enough to get the Packers under the threshold. Furthermore, it was not enough to give the Packers hope of resigning Linsley.

Replacing Linsley

Replacing Corey Linsley will be no small task. After all, he has anchored the Packers’ offensive line, the best in football, for years. Additionally, he was named as a First Team All Pro this past season. In other words, he was the best center in football in 2020.

That being said, 2020 was not a season in which Linsley was 100% healthy. Indeed, he missed several games due to injury. In his absence, Packers’ phenom Elgton Jenkins filled in. Jenkins, who has played every position on the offensive line, could very well be an answer at the position going forward.

The problem with this is that Jenkins is a Pro Bowl guard. While he is more than serviceable as a center, his best position is at guard. If the Packers do not plan on moving him to center permanently, Packers’ fans may see a rookie in that role in 2021.


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