Royce Newman: Green Bay Packers Scouting Report

Royce Newman-OL-Ole Miss

6’5 1/4th, 310 pounds

RAS: 7.59/OT, 8.72/OG


Newman brings versatility that the Green Bay Packers like. He has starting experience at guard and tackle. He has good size as well. Once he gets a hold of a defender’s pads, it’s difficult for them to get free. The former Ole Miss blocker also does a good job of coming off the snap low and staying low. He shows good athleticism in film.

Although his agility test was not good, on film, he shows he can mirror pass rushers just fine. He also shows an ability to pass off one defender and pick up a new one smoothly. Newman does show flashes of drive blocking defenders. Newman shows on film that he can use his arms independently.

Also, he does a really good job of resetting his hands when a knocks one off. He can reset and latch back onto the defender quickly. Newman sets a good wide base in his run and passes block sets. He can block on the second level.


He does not show much power on film. He is more of a positional blocker. Newman will absorb defenders; you would like to see a little more grit to his game. Athletically, as an offensive tackle, he is just kind of average to slightly above average. He will lean a little bit over his feet at times which can cause balance problems.

The former Ole Miss blocker does show some heavy feet on film. Newman does have some problems with power. He will get pushed back, and this might cause a problem at the NFL level. The versatile blocker needs to work on his anchor. Royce can be susceptible to a swim maneuver. He can be beaten on the edge if he doesn’t get out of his stance quick enough. Newman will bend at the hips sometimes. When he is lined up, his back is not straight.

Final Thoughts:

Even though he is just a ‘positional blocker’ he still does his job very effectively. With how the Packers’ offense operates, that is all they really ask from their blockers in their wide zone scheme. They have had some guys in the past who were ‘just’ positional blockers; guys who went on to have long NFL careers. He can block on the second level, not the greatest at it, but he can do it. As long as Newman cleans up the little stuff-like technique, works on his lean/balance, and adds some strength, he is going to have a long career. Potentially as a ten-year starter.

He looks good at both tackle and guard; he could be a three-position player in the NFL (LG, RG, and RT). He may never be great. He may never get a pro bowl or All-Pro nod, but he can still be a solid overall offensive lineman. Because of his issues with anchoring, he is probably best starting at tackle until he can build up more strength and show that he can anchor better.

At the very least, he should become a solid backup guard/right tackle. When I see Newman I think of Mark Tauscher. Not as far as looks or body type, but overall style, skill, and upside. A guy who sometimes doesn’t look great doing it, but he always gets the job done. He is definitely a Packers type of offensive lineman.