Rumor: Aaron Rodgers Will Report to Packers

Rumor: Aaron Rodgers Will Report to Packers

It has been months since ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Aaron Rodgers was so discontent that he wanted out of Green Bay. Even though Rodgers himself has never said that he did confirm that he was not happy with the organization. Despite Rodgers’ silence, there have been rumors swirling that he may demand a trade, sit out for a year, or just retire. However, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN recently reported that the Packers, who are not willing to trade Rodgers, are hopeful that he will report to the team.

This certainly should be good news to Packers fans. Many were around during the Brett Favre era and saw their future Hall of Fame quarterback play for not one, but two, other teams. While there is no news of what possible compromised the two parties have or could make, there is more hope than before that one will be reached.

Fowler Explains

According to Fowler, the Packers are not willing to trade their three-time MVP. Rodgers is known for his competitive nature and reportedly wants to play football this season. Since the Packers will not trade him, he has no other choice than to suit up for Green Bay.

A Former Teammate of Rodgers Chimes In

Aaron Rodgers’ former teammate and current friend, AJ Hawk also spoke on the situation recently. Earlier this week on The Pat McAfee Show, Hawk stated that he is sure that Rodgers will suit up in Green and Gold this season. He explained that he believes Rodgers’ competitive nature will keep him from sitting out.

This is not just some random guesswork by Hawk, either. He recently spent a week with Rodgers and came away with this feeling. Even after the Schefter report broke, Hawk stated that he believed things would get worked out. He and the future Hall of Famer spent some time together then, too, at the Kentucky Derby. While nothing is ever certain regarding Rodgers unless he himself says it, AJ Hawk is as reliable a source as there is when it comes to this situation.

Why Should Rodgers Report?

The fact of the matter is this: Aaron Rodgers has very little to gain by sitting out. Not only would he forfeit his season salary, but he would also go into 2022 with questions surrounding his abilities. Of course, many teams would take him even if he sat out a year. However, in the event he can leave Green Bay after 2021, he will get more substantial opportunities if he plays this season.

Additionally, the Green Bay Packers have a very talented roster. They were within a game of the Super Bowl last season and only improved their positions this off-season. If Rodgers wants to win another Super Bowl (which, of course, he does), no team can give him a better shot at it.


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