Schefter: Aaron Rodgers Turned Down Massive Contract Extension

Schefter: Aaron Rodgers Turned Down Massive Contract Extension

Adam Schefter, most recently known for breaking the Aaron Rodgers story on the first night of the NFL Draft, has done it again. This time, he has added fuel to the fire of the ongoing saga between Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. This news, however, is rather old. However, it bears reporting as it is just now becoming common knowledge.

This, however, is not really a surprise. In fact, as stated, it is not even new news. Those paying attention to the situation know that this deal was offered and declined months ago.

Why Did Schefter “Break” This Rodgers News Now?

Of course, there are many Packers’ fans on social media who believe that Adam Schefter is only trying to get attention. After all, many players, former players, and friends of Aaron Rodgers have stated that they believe the future Hall of Famer will be under center in Green Bay this season. That, clearly, goes against everything Schefter has been saying since March.

However, there is a more professional reason to break this story. Whether Packers’ fans like it or not, this is the story of the offseason. Everyone will have eyes on Green Bay come training camp to see if the reigning MVP will show up or not. Training camp, by the way, starts in exactly one week. The clock is ticking.

Will Aaron Rodgers Show Up?

Other than a few personalities in the national media, most players and former players believe that Aaron Rodgers will suit up for the Green Bay Packers this season. Recently, AJ Hawk revealed on The Pat McAfee Show that he had spent a week on vacation with the Packers’ quarterback. During this time, he remained convinced that something would get worked out and that Rodgers would be back in Green Bay.

This is not the first time Hawk has said something to this effect. Soon after the Schefter report, Hawk spent some time with Rodgers at the Kentucky Derby. After his weekend with him, Hawk said that there was conflict, but that he believed the Packers and Rodgers would be able to work it out.

If It Is Not About The Money For Rodgers, What Is It About?

If Aaron Rodgers is not upset over money, what is he upset about? Well, as far as we know, he has some philosophical differences with the way the front office has handled some of the people who have played for the team. Rodgers said as much to Kenny Mayne in an interview earlier this year. In said interview, he said how much he loved his teammates, the city of Green Bay, the fans, and his coaches. He did not mention the general manager, Brian Gutekunst, or the team president, Mark Muphy.

For years, fans and analysts have wondered how Aaron Rodgers felt when the Packers let go of players that he was close to, or players he spoke well about. One particular situation that comes to mind immediately is that Aaron Rodgers spoke glowingly of Jake Kumerow in Packers’ training camp, only to see Kumerow released the next day.

Now, there are some who use this situation to justify Rodgers’ apparent frustration with the front office. Others, though, say that Rodgers knew Kumerow was going to be cut and wanted to give him a glowing recommendation to other teams. Which is true? Perhaps both, perhaps neither. The truth of the matter is, only Aaron Rodgers knows.


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