Shannon Sharpe’s A ‘Lil Boy’?

October 19, 2021

After Monday Night Football’s Steelers vs. Seahawks matchup, Shannon Sharpe’s tweeted on DK’s rookie move. What rookie move, you may ask? Rather than going out of bounds with about fourteen seconds left in the fourth quarter, DK tried to play ‘hero ball’ and fumbled. After the fumble, Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe tweeted the below statements, and Metcalf didn’t take too kindly to his statement.

After Sharpe commented on his hero ball play, an argument over Twitter ensued and ended with DK claiming Shannon was a ‘washed up wanna-be.’ Now Twitter arguments get out of control, especially with athletes, but let’s compare their careers so far for argument’s sake.

Shannon Sharpe

After a bit of digging, I discovered that Shannon Sharpe may have been ‘that guy.’

As a starter, Shannon Sharpe’s first three full seasons (1992-1994) totaled 2,645 receiving yards and fifteen touchdowns on 221 receptions. In those three years, he led tight ends in yards all three years. He also went to the pro bowl and was first-team all-pro.

In his fourteen-year career, he totaled 9,961 receiving yards putting him at four in all-time receiving yards (9,961) for a tight end. As for touchdowns, he is ranked seventh with 61. As for fumbles, he only had eight. We will get back to this later.

Now let’s shine some light on these stats. From 1992-2001 he was top two in receiving yards. It wasn’t until he was thirty-four years old that he wasn’t. That year he was still top four. A thirty-four-year-old Shannon Sharpe had 686 yards and three touchdowns. He then played for more one more season and had 770 yards and eight touchdowns. He had that many yards and touchdowns in his LAST SEASON, at thirty-five and only on sixty-two catches.

In reference to last year, he would have had the third most yards and tied for third-most touchdowns.

Now to look at the other side of the coin, DK Metcalf.

DK Metcalf

DK is in his third season of the NFL and is widely considered top ten at his position. Not by me, but others.

In his young career, DK has 172 catches for 2,644 yards and twenty-two touchdowns. Oh, and five fumbles. Nearly more fumbles in thirty-six games than Sharpe’s two hundred four games.

Last year, he had the seventh most receiving yards in the league with 1,303. He also tallied ten touchdowns which put him at eighth in the league.

I understand the competition at receiver in 2020 is much more difficult than at tight end from 1990-2002. However, dominating as Sharpe did translates through every era.


So what do these stats mean, and why were they mentioned? To put it simply, to shine some light on how good Shannon Sharpe was. Most of today’s NFL viewers, including myself, are not old enough to have watched him when he played. Now that he has an ESPN show, he may be seen as a crazy bighead reporter. Kind of like Stephen A.

Now back to the tweets. DK referred to Shannon Sharpe as a ‘wanna-be’ but is a three-time super bowl champion, eight-time pro bowler, and a Hall of Famer. Plus, being a top-five tight end of all time. DK should have taken a dose of reality and realized that he wouldn’t even sniff that kind of career where he stands. How could he? He isn’t even the best receiver on his team.