Shemar Jean-Charles: Green Bay Packers Scouting Profile

Shemar Jean-Charles-CB-Appalachian State

5’10 3/8ths, 184 pounds

RAS: 4.27


He has a lot of special team experience which will help him at the next level. Jean-Charles has had a lot of ball production. He had 26 passes defended in two years as a starter. This shows he has ball skills and does a good job of finding the ball. He plays the ball not the receiver.

Shermar shows good awareness and an ability to read offenses and jump routes. Well built and strong upper body. The undersized corner shows good tackling fundamentals on film. He shows decent explosiveness and acceleration on film. On film, he shows an ability to undercut in-breaking routes.

He plays really well in the zone where he can use his eyes to read the play. Jean-Charles shows a decent leaping ability to pick off passes or bat them down. Shermar plays a physical game. He’s a willing participant in the run game.


He is undersized with shorter arms. He did not test well athletically. The App State product also has a small frame that does not look like it has much growth potential. He has very average speed and does not show a second gear on film. Not great in man to man and can be beaten there due to his size and average athleticism.

The 5’10 corner does show some hip stiffness on film. He can get a little grabby at times which he will have to fix at the next level. Not a hitter at all, and more of a drag-down tackler. He has a few instances where he did not look back for the ball and could get called for a PI at the next level.

Final Thoughts:

SJC shows great instincts on film; it’s just the combination of his size and athleticism that is worrisome. Jean-Charles is about the same height as Jaire but ten pounds lighter. He also tested out as a less-than-average athlete and has short arms which limit his potential. This probably also will limit him to the slot for his career.

A lot of his PD’s are a case of him knocking the ball out of the hands of the receiver. The question is will he be able to do that to bigger and stronger NFL receivers? Hopefully, he can. He does have a strong upper body. He is best in zone coverage where he can read the play, and it will help cover up some of his athletic limitations.

This is fine for this defense since Barry will probably use it 70-80% of the time. He should also be a special teams ace early on. His upside is that of a decent nickel corner or a really good dime corner.