Shocker! There’s More Cheating in Baseball

As a native Houstonian who’s a strong and proud supporter of my Houston-based teams, I’m THOROUGHLY going to enjoy this one so let’s just get that out of the way.

Now, thanks to former catcher Erik Kratz, one team has officially been accused in a sign-stealing scandal and another has been hinted at. The former being the Colorado Rockies and the latter being possibly the Los Angeles Dodgers. During an interview on the “Curtain Call,” podcast Kratz states, “They used to take a Theragun and bang it on their bench. And they were doing the exact same thing, from the TV.” That’s in reference towards the Rockies, but in the same interview, he had this to say about potentially the Dodgers. “I can tell you that a team has been to the World Series often recently, we caught them doing something almost similar.”

Now, we all know that the Astros have been implicated and dealt with in their cheating, so the only other possibility is the Dodgers. Kratz didn’t go as far as to specifically name the Dodgers in his accusation, but he didn’t have to. Cheating exists.

The Red Sox did it, unfortunately, the Astros did it, and now possibly two more teams did it too. But there’s one team that needs to feel commissioner Manfred’s wrath if he actually does something, and that’s the Dodgers. Of all the teams and fanbases around the league, they are the only ones that still dwell every day. And I get it. We cost them a World Series, and I believe the Red Sox did too. I’d be a little upset too. But Justin Turner is still taking pictures with trash cans as happy as can be, Trevor Bauer is still making postgame/pregame comments on making us never forget what we did, and their fans literally protested the streets of Houston yelling obscene words.

So yeah, if this holds any value, and it should because Mike Fiers accusation led to our investigation and punishment, I need to see everything thrown at the Dodgers as far as punishment is concerned. Maybe then we can see the real hypocrites here.

And again. These are all just accuastions at this point, but the league should really look into it at least because cheating clearly exists and is still a problem. Always has been and probably always will be. Now, we just wait.