Should Dustin Poirier Go Up To Welterweight?

Should Dustin Poirier Go Up To Welterweight?

Dustin Poirier for my money is the best lightweight in the division even though he is currently not the champion. Charles Oliveria is the current champion, but personally, I think Poirier is at the point in his career where he is all about the money. Would a move up to welterweight give Poirier the best chance to get another big money fight?

Yes, of course, Poirier can always look down the road for a fourth fight with Conor McGregor, but McGregor won’t be fighting anytime soon. Oliveria’s first title defense should/will be against Poirier but if Poirier wants a “money fight” Oliveria is not that guy. Even though Oliveria is the current champion but Poirier was already a champion in that division. Poirier was an intern champion, and in that sport, being intern champion matters.

Oliveria understands?

Even Oliveria understands that Poirier has options, “A fight against Nate will make a lot of money.” Nate Diaz and Poirier have been verbally going at it on social media about a potential fight. Back in 2018, Diaz and Poirier were supposed to fight at UFC 230, but for an undisclosed reason, the fight never took place.

Poirier picking money over blet?

Diaz and Poirier at welterweight would be a win-win for both fighters. Diaz only wants to fight “élite fighters” and Poirier would get a big money fight. Pulse for Poirier not cutting down to 155 and staying at a more normal weight will be nice as well.

But how many fighters will turn down a title shot for a money fight? Well, Poirier already did when he picked to fight McGregor for the trilogy. It seems that Poirier has a lot of cards to play if he chooses.

Poirier has hinted at retiring sooner rather than later. “For me, being undisputed world champion was the goal from the beginning,” Poirier said. “If I can tick that box, I’ve done it all in the sport of mixed martial arts.”

If I am Dana White, I am hoping that Poirier versus Oliveria; hoping Poirier wins and goes up to welterweight to face the winner of Kamaru Usman/ Colby Covington. If Usman were to win, then it would make sense for Usman to have new blood in his division.

Interesting options for Poirier

If Covington were to win, then that would bring out a lot of drama with Covington and Poirier. Both were former teammates at American Top Team. Covington was forced to leave due to starting problems in the gym with Poirier and BMF champion Jorge Masvidal.

If you are Covington and you beat Usman, why would you give an immediate rematch? When Usman beat Covington the first time, Covington did not get an immediate rematch. Covington could use Poirier as leverage.

Poirier has a lot of options for fights. Does he want the Diaz fight for the big payday? Does he want to face Oliveria for the belt or does he just want to go up to welterweight and throw his name in title contention?

Down the line, he can always fight McGregor one more time as well. I’d love to see Poirier keep fighting and try to be the double champion at lightweight and welterweight. Time will tell on what Poirier decides to do.

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