Should The 49ers Move On From Jimmy Garoppolo?

Offseason questions are flooding the internet. A big one on many minds is “Should the 49ers move on from Jimmy Garoppolo?” So let’s dive in and see what we can come up with:


Firstly, one thing that is for certain about Jimmy G, he is a proven winner. 26-9 as a starting QB in nothing to sneeze at. As a starter for the San Francisco 49ers, he has accumulated 7,352 yards on 883 passing attempts with 46 touchdowns, giving him a passer rating of 90+ each of his four seasons with the 49ers. His lowest was 2018 with a QBR of 90 even, but he only played in three games. Topping everything off with an NFC Championship and Superbowl appearance in 2019, only to fall to the Kansas City Chiefs.


A couple of questions surround Jimmy G:

“Is he a reliable starting QB, or is he just too accident-prone?”

In his four years as the 49ers starter, one season has he actually played an entire season. That was 2019 with 16 games. The other 3 years, 15 games total. Can a team rely on any quarterback that is out that much?

“Can he carry the team if needed?”

Many times in the NFL, the quarterback of a team is asked to carry the team, to finish a game, and do everything he can to win a game. Jimmy G. has proven he can win when everything is clicking. However, when things aren’t going as planned, and the quarterback must rally the team and make the plays to win the game.

Is he the guy? We saw Superbowl LIV. Having WR Emmanuel Sanders wide open, in the middle of the field for a touchdown and completely over-throwing him. That was one of many miscues from the quarterback in the last quarter of the Superbowl.

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The New England Patriots are the going story right now when it comes to Jimmy G. Looking to re-acquire the quarterback’s services. Jimmy G. started his career in New England, and at the time, everyone believed that he would be the heir apparent to Tom Brady; subsequently, that didn’t happen. Garoppolo was traded, much to the chagrin of Head Coach Bill Belichick. Could the Patriots bring Jimmy G. back? Can he stay healthy enough to lead the Patriots?

Do the 49ers have a plan at the quarterback position? If they are planning to part ways with Jimmy G. A trade with New England would seem a logical step. However, what would New England offer? Chances are not a first-round pick. That would seem a little steep at this time.

At #12 in the upcoming draft, it is very plausible that the 49ers could draft a QB in the first round. Possibly Trey Lance from North Dakota State or even Mac Jones from Alabama could be available. That would be an intriguing scenario for the 49ers. Drafting a rookie QB at #12 and allowing him to learn and grow under Jimmy G.

Another name kicked around in the Jimmy G. rumors is former NFL Comeback Player of the Year Alex Smith. Could bringing in the veteran put some pressure on Jimmy G, be fire he needs to take the next step, and show he can be the constant, reliable quarterback San Francisco needs?

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