Should The Dallas Cowboys Trade For Julio Jones?

The Julio Jones trade rumors continue to heat up as the days pass, and reportedly Saturday night, Jones was seen in a photo taken with a fan where Jones is sporting a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. This photo has blown up on social media, sparking rumors of a possible Julio to Dallas trade.

Much like any other team who is reportedly “in the mix” for Julio Jones, the Dallas Cowboys have scenarios that make sense and scenarios that do not make sense. Let’s look at both sides of the Julio Jones to Dallas argument.

Yes, Julio To Dallas Makes Sense

It is undeniable that Julio Jones is a generational talent in the NFL. While the Cowboys have three solid receivers in Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallup, a Julio Jones trade could somewhat make sense. With Michael Gallup closing in on free agency, it is common to see teams trade away guys that they would rather move on from rather than extend them.

The most likely trade I could honestly think of would be to send Gallup and a few picks to the Falcons and try to absorb Julio’s deal as efficiently as possible. The Cowboys are always looking for talent to continue the “win now” mentality, despite many disappointing seasons, and Julio Jones obviously offers some high-level veteran talent to possibly win them a few more games.

I am sure Jerry Jones has seen the rumors and will keep an eye on the Julio Jones market and keep his phone close should Atlanta come calling.

No, Julio To Dallas Makes No Sense

The yes side of this topic is purely speculation and a glint of hope that Dallas would land Julio Jones for dirt cheap, which is more unrealistic than Julio even going to Dallas in the first place. Dallas is in the salary cap vice-grip like many other teams going into the 2021 season, with only eight million in cap room left for the season.

With a hefty 23 million due to Julio in the first year of his three-year deal, Dallas just simply cannot afford him even for a single season. I mentioned above that Dallas could trade Gallup, absolutely not. Gallup makes up the three-headed monster receiving core for Dallas, and giving him up for a hefty deal for Julio Jones does not make sense financially.

Many teams will face the reality that Julio Jones costs way too much and Dallas is definitely on that list of teams who should move on from the Julio trade market. If I’m Dallas, keep building the defense with the leftover cap space, and keep your fingers crossed for a healthy season from your offensive weapons. Julio Jones is appealing to the eye in any situation, but Dallas should avoid that situation altogether.

Final Verdict: Avoid the Julio Jones trade market altogether, keep building the defense.

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