Should The Jets Draft A Quarterback At The #2 Pick?

Only the 2020 New York Jets could tank wrong. In a season where after about four weeks Jets fans realized all that mattered was getting Trevor Lawrence in the draft, the Jets managed to blow it. After somehow winning against the Los Angeles Rams in the most meaningless game of the year, the Jet’s draft position dropped from one to two. With the Jacksonville Jaguars now in possession of the 1st pick, it is likely they take Trevor Lawrence if they still have the pick by the end of the year. Considering Jets Fans have been planning all year to go 0-16 and get Trevor Lawrence, now what? Do you take a risk on another quarterback or build your other positional needs and wait for next year’s draft for a QB?

Now the Jets may regain the 1st pick if Jacksonville can beat either the Colts or the Bears and the Jets lose out in their final 2 games against the Browns and the Patriots, but considering that everything has gone wrong for the Jets this year, you might as well plan for the worst.

Believe it or not, other than Trevor Lawrence, this year’s QB class is extremely strong. With Ohio State’s Justin Fields, BYU’s Zach Wilson, and Alabama’s Mac Jones, they’re all potential top ten picks. Lawrence is the most proven but Fields is more of a dual-threat and has had an excellent season as well. Zach Wilson at BYU has been insane; his skills as a passer are very advanced for a 21-year-old, and many mock drafts have him drafted before fields. Mac Jones has been impressive at Alabama but it is unlikely he is drafted by the Jets, given their record with two weeks to go and the other options.

The Jets could take a QB at the 2nd pick or try to build their still abysmal offensive line or defense. With two first-round picks -thank you, Jamal Adams-, the Jets could finally give Sam Darnold an offensive line or try to patch the holes in one of the statistically worst defenses in the league.

One scenario is if the Jets still have the second pick, is to stick with Sam Darnold, have another awful year and, hopefully, land a QB in next year’s draft. If that doesn’t show how pitiful the Jets organization is, I don’t know what does. With fans unhappy about Sunday’s win, the front office now has a full plate of decision-making for the offseason.

Will the Jets take another QB? Will they stick with Darnold? Will they trade the pick? There will no doubt be changes in New York in the offseason, the only question is how much.