Should The Kansas City Chiefs Trade For Julio Jones?

In the NFL, it is all about business and cap space and making sure your team is financially smart. The unfortunate part about that is when star players begin to be traded and shopped out to keep a teams head above water money-wise. The most recent and rather most popular example this off-season is star Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Julio Jones. Falcons general manager Terry Fontenot has kept the football world guessing the past couple of days as to who and where the team will send Julio and it has started some crazy trade rumors.

One team that has had their name thrown out is the Kansas City Chiefs. Imagine a Chiefs offense already full of talent adding arguably one of the best mid-level and deep threats in the NFL today. Sounds amazing right? Let’s take a look at if a trade for Julio Jones makes sense for the Chiefs, or if it is just trading only possible on Madden 21:

Yes It Makes Sense, Trade For Julio

For Julio Jones to end up as a Kansas City Chief after June 1st, a lot of money movement and player movement would need to occur. A plausible trade could be something like a second-round pick, a third-round pick, and possibly a few sixth-round picks. Unfortunately, that is a large chunk of the Chiefs’ draft picks over the next couple of years, and the Chiefs showed in this year’s draft that they are smart in picking up valuable picks.

However, the Chiefs have always wanted a mid-level threat to relieve the workload on Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill and who better than Julio Jones, right?

If the Chiefs could manage to trade either picks or players that can be traded away for cap purposes, a Julio trade could happen. What makes the cap room so flexible is the fact that Patrick Mahomes is willing to restructure his mega-contract to either keep the team together or to bring in new faces to help win games. The Mahomes contract being reworked to allow for more cap room could allow trade of the only draft picks and no players to occur.

If there is anything the Chiefs fan base knows, it is that Brett Veach will make the move that best suits his team, and if the Julio Jones trade is in the right cards, maybe Julio will be the newest Kansas City Chief next season.

No, This Trade Makes No Sense, Don’t Trade For Julio

As I mentioned before, the NFL is all about business, and when it comes to Julio Jones’ contract, that business is not good for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have just over 8.2 million in cap space left to spend going into this season. Julio Jones is entering the first year of his three-year deal that will pay him 66 million over the next three seasons.

When that deal is broken down, to bring Julio to Kansas City for just one year brings along a 23 million dollar cap hit in just year one. When you do the math, this trade makes no sense considering the Chiefs still have to try and extend Tyrann Mathieu and as well as Tyreek Hill.

In the long run, a realistic trade for Julio only makes sense hypothetically, and giving up draft picks that could be valuable should the Chiefs lose Mathieu and Hill in the next season or two, is not worth it. Kansas City has one of the most talented rosters, and adding Julio Jones is not an immediate need both cap-wise and talent-wise.

The Chiefs struggled to block for Mahomes; he did not struggle to find his talented receivers, and thus Julio being a Chief needs to be forgotten about.

Final Verdict: Do not trade for Julio, try to resign key guys like Tyrann Mathieu and Tyreek Hill first

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