Should The Rays Trade Tyler Glasnow?

Should The Rays Trade Tyler Glasnow?

The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the hottest teams in baseball. The fact that the Rays have missed their number one starting pitcher all summer makes this even more astounding.

Tyler Glasnow had Tommy John surgery in late July and will not pitch again for the Rays until 2023.

This season, the Rays have seen the development of Shane McClanahan and Luis Patino in the starting rotation. McClanahan seems to keep getting better every time out.

The Rays have also used Josh Fleming, Ryan Yarbrough, and Michael Wacha to start games this season.

The Rays will pay Glasnow four million dollars next season to rehab from the Tommy John surgery. The question–Is it time to trade Tyler Glasnow?

Counting Glasnow, the Rays currently have three starting pitchers on IR including Glasnow, Yonny Chirinos, and Jalen Beeks. Both Chirinos and Beeks should be back and ready to re-join the rotation in 2022.

The Rays also have a ton of talent in the pitching ranks at the Minor League level. Many of these guys are chomping at the bit to get a chance to show what they can do at the big-league level.

Shane Baz, who pitched for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, is now listed as the number one prospect in the Rays organization. If we don’t see Baz later this summer when the rosters expand, we will undoubtedly see Baz as part of the big league club in 2022.

McClanahan and Patino will definitely be a part of the rotation in 2022. Yonny Chirinos will also re-join the Rays rotation. Ryan Yarbrough and Josh Fleming could round out the rotation, which could leave Shane Baz on the outside looking in.

Oliver Drake and Brendan McKay will also be back in 2022 as well. Both will challenge for spots in the rotation.

So where does that leave Glasnow when he returns in 2023 from the Tommy John Surgery? It should put him right back at the number one spot in the rotation, which he occupied the first two months of the 2021 season.

It is tempting to trade Glasnow. Although his trade value is down a bit knowing he won’t pitch till 2023, some teams would love to add a guy like Glasnow to their rotation, even if it means waiting till 2023.

But this is the Rays we are talking about. Stu Sternberg is a cheap bastard when it comes to paying player salaries. Oh, sure, he will pick up a Nelson Cruz for the stretch run, where he only has to pay part of the salary and not an entire season.

Stu sees dollar signs. It would not surprise me to see Glasnow shipped out of town to save the four million dollars that are owed Glasnow.

Four million dollars is a good bargain for a pitcher with Glasgow’s ability.

My Opinion: The Rays should not trade Glasnow. Imagine a rotation of Glasnow, McClanahan, and Patino as your top three in 2023. Then Chirinos and Yarbrough, Fleming, Beeks, or Shane Baz round out the rotation.

On paper, the Rays would have one of the best rotations in baseball. With this rotation, the Rays could be contenders for years. The key will be to sign these pitchers to new contracts, once their current contracts are up.


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