Simmons-Green Trade: A Win-Win Deal For GSW

Simmons-Green Trade: A Win-Win Deal For GSW

The Ben Simmons drama seems to be continuing, and the trade rumors continue to be thrown in the mix. While it is still a foggy idea of Simmons being 100% traded, the biggest rumor has involved the Golden State Warriors. The new trade suggested for Simmons apparently should include Draymond Green. NBA insider Chris Broussard said on First Things First that the only way Simmons goes to Golden State is if the Warriors include Draymond Green in the deal.

Obviously, this would be a huge trade considering how big of a piece Green has been for the Warriors. At this point, though, Simmons is the better player out of the two, age being one of the factors. That being said, Philly would want more than just Draymond Green in the deal. The most logical pieces here are James Wiseman or even newly drafted Jonathan Kuminga or Moses Moody. Young talent with plenty of time to develop but still provides solid depth.

If Golden State wants to pull off this trade, they will need to break up their trio of Curry, Thompson, and Green. Warriors fans might not be ready for that, but if they want Simmons, sacrifices must be made. So, should the Simmons trade happen? How good is Golden State? Let’s check it out.

Golden State Wins The West

Theoretically, if Ben Simmons becomes a Warrior, I don’t know if people realize how good they will be. Simmons does lack any kind of mid-range or further scoring but makes up for it with his defense and passing. He is essentially a younger, faster version of Draymond Green. Simmons would blend well with the sharpshooters of Curry and Thompson, but he would also have more freedom with that many options. I fully believe that Ben Simmons just needs the right opportunity to show out. A Golden State team giving Simmons free reign would easily win the western conference.

Sounds crazy right? How on earth does anyone beat the superteam Lakers? Well, I am here to say that Golden State could run the west again if they acquire Simmons. Mix together Simmons passing, defense, and who knows, maybe he adds a mid-range, with Curry and Thompson’s scoring abilities. That triple threat alongside the other threats of Andrew Wiggins or Otto Porter playing the wings would be hard to beat.

Final Thoughts

Golden State has a chance to make a splash this summer. The Warriors have not made a big move since signing Kevin Durant back in 2016. Signing Simmons would be a move that shows Golden State is ready to win again. Now, don’t get me wrong, Draymond Green is a phenomenal player and a key piece to those Warriors runs a short time ago. However, every team has a time when they should recognize that a move could be the key to winning another title. If I am Golden State, the best-case scenario is getting Ben Simmons. Give Simmons free reign to play his game and spread the floor. If Simmons meshes as well as I think, the Warriors will be back again. A win-win situation for the Warriors if they go get Simmons.

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