Social Media Reacts To The Dramatic Chiefs vs. Browns Divisional Playoff Game

“If you like football… then you liked this one”

Tony Romo hits the nail right on the head with his closing remarks after one of the most dramatic playoff games in recent memory. There was never a dull moment in this one and it engulfed the attention of the entire sports’ world.

The Cleveland Browns entered this match-up as the lovable underdogs, having won their first playoff game in 24 years just a week prior. The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions who have been resting and scheming for this game for almost twenty days. The Chiefs excelled where the Browns struggle and the Browns excelled where the Chiefs struggled, making this a highly anticipated game.

The game was a roller coaster of emotions from beginning to end, and we have the best social media reactions to show those emotions.

The Chiefs started the game strong, making it look easy as they went up 13-3. Patrick Mahomes had a touchdown passing and touchdown on the ground, and the energy was high.

However, somewhere in the process of ripping the Browns defense apart early, Patrick Mahomes suffered a foot injury, slowing him down and causing him to be a bit hobbled.

However, this would not be the last time that Mahomes would be injured in this matchup. In the third quarter, Mahomes would roll out on an option play and be on the receiving end of a dirty tackle from a Browns’ defender. It was immediately clear that he was not okay, and he would quickly be taken to the blue tent and then the locker room.

(Most people believe this to be a concussion, although this has not been confirmed by the Chiefs organization)

That would send Chad Henne into the game for the Chiefs, who were start with… mixed results.

Thanks to the Chiefs offense starting to stall, the Browns were given an opportunity to win.

However, after Stefanski makes the questionable choice to punt with four minutes left on the clock, the legend of Chad Henne began.

However, it was the next play that would seal the deal

Of course, there were several other great tweets, many of which referred to Andy Reid’s gutsy fourth down play call to ice the game. I will not be sharing them because they largely refer to the size of Reid’s… uhm, package… but you can check them out for yourself.