Spinning The Headlines: Jersey Numbers, Urben Meyer, Alex Smith, Aldon Smith, And More…

This week on Spinning the Headlines, thoughts on the jersey numbers, Urben Meyer thoughts on the 2021 Draft, Alex Smith hangs up his cleats and Aldon Smith back in the headlines. So let’s get to it!

Some rule changes for the 2021 Season:

The owners did discuss the proposal submitted by the Kansas City Chiefs to adjust the restrictions on who can wear which jersey number. Due to the Covid-19 rules for the 2020 season, some teams had numbering issues, as practice squad team members were moved to the main roster. With this ruling, much of that problem should be eliminated.

With the proposal approved, the expanded jerseys will allow RB, TE, FB, HB, and WR to wear numbers 1-49 and 80-89. DBS can choose from 1-49, LB 1-59 and 90-99, OL 50-79, DL 50-70 and 90-99. QBs, Kickers, and Punters 1-19.

As the number changes begin to take effect, we as fans will have to pay close attention that our favorite player hasn’t changed his number. Maybe a little confusing at first. But I believe tenacious fans will jump at the chance to purchase a new jersey of their favorite player.

Other Rules:

  • The league approved more booth-to-official communication. Hoping this communication will lead to fewer errors on objective calls clearly seen on tv. As fans, we will take anything they can do to get more calls right!
  • The onside kick proposal was approved, limiting the receiving team to nine players in the “setup zone” to make the onside kick a bit easier for the kicking teams to recover. Now, from a fan’s point of view, the onside kick is one of the most exciting plays in football. Especially if your team is trying to recover the ball, with a chance to go down the field, score, and win the game. Very few onside kicks were recovered in the 2020 season, so hopefully, this tweak will help recovering teams just enough to keep this part of the game exciting.
  • A loss of down penalty has been added for a second forward pass from behind the line and a pass was thrown after the ball returns behind the line. Once again, another rule change because of Tom Brady. However, this one isn’t something that happens very often. So I hope not a lot of time was spent on it. But now it is tweaked, and we can move on.

Urban Meyer states he must “Trust” the Draft Board and avoid chasing players to fill needs

First-time NFL Head Coach Urban Meyer of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is learning quickly the phrase, “best value.”

“I find myself always looking at need and that’s where you have to be cautious, you start chasing players,” Meyer said, via the team’s official transcript. “The whole idea of value is completely new to me. That’s something I relied on [defensive coordinator] Joe Cullen and [offensive coordinator Darrell] Bevell as coordinators and [special teams coordinator] Brian Schneider, who has extensive experience in the NFL, and obviously Trent and his staff. I’m a quick learner. I’ve been working at this now for about three months, and the last three to four weeks, this has been our entire life in that room watching (the) video, stacking the board.

“So, trusting the board is key. I’m at the point almost there that I will trust it, but as a coach, I can see where [you can say], ‘We need this, we need this, and we need this and that’s where you get yourself in trouble. It’s been a great learning experience for me and to answer your question, I’m nervous. I’m nervous about everything, I think you know that.”

For a first-time NFL HC to trust the draft board is something not many of us understand. Yes, we say we do, but as fans, when our team takes what they think is the best value, we question. Especially when a position filler is available on the board, the HC must justify his pick. Sometimes they pay off, and other times, not so much. But, speaking for myself, I have no problem shaking my head and moving on to the next pick.

Alex Smith Announces Retirement

A 16-year career comes to an end. As a Chiefs fan, I will miss Alex Smith very much. Yes, he was replaced by Patrick Mahomes, but Smith started the turnaround in Kansas City. Yes, he had some heartbreaking losses as a Chief as well, but that comes with the territory. When Smith went to Washington, I was truly excited for him, and I saw him making a big difference there. Then the horrific injury. Reading about all the surgeries, the pain. It was hard, as a fan, that is.

Then the comeback. Are you kidding me? Just seeing him step on the field was something special, not to mention leading Washington to a playoff win. Then being chosen as the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year. Just Awesome! I believe he will go into broadcasting. His poise and knowledge of the game would be an asset to any network. Thank You, Alex! Wishing you nothing but the best!

Aldon Smith booked on a battery charge in Louisiana

Just a week after talking about Aldon Smith signing with the Seattle Seahawks, Smith is back on the bad side of the news. Smith turned himself in Tuesday night after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with an alleged battery in the New Orleans area.

Smith allegedly choked a victim unconscious during a confrontation. Smith was booked and released on Wednesday on a $25,000 bond. Scheduled to be arraigned July 14.

In a statement Monday, the Seahawks said, “We are aware of the reports regarding Aldon Smith. Aldon notified us, and we are gathering more information. We have no further comment at this time.”

Even with past things being overlooked for NFL players or playing after the sentence is served. Is Seattle willing to take that chance on Smith? He played last year for Dallas but just returned from a four-year absence for multiple off-field incidents. Which truly means things haven’t changed much.

Not knowing much about the situation, but it seems the trend seems to continue. If convicted of second-degree battery charges, that offender faces a fine of up to $2,000 and/or up-to eight years in prison. If Smith faces any of that, I believe his time in the NFL may be over.

Attorney says client mistook Rams’ Aaron Donald for an attacker, apologizes

This ended well for Aaron Donald. I was afraid that this could’ve gotten ugly. After seeing the tape of Donald helping him, the accuser, De’Vincent Spriggs, apologized through his attorney. I think a face-to-face apology followed by a handshake would’ve been more personal, but in today’s world, you take what you can get. Now that this is settled, Donald can focus on the upcoming season.

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