Spinning The Headlines: Najee Harris, Kansas City Chiefs, Aaron Rodgers, Seahawks Wide Receivers, And More…

Well, the 2021 NFL Draft is in the books! We all have opinions on the winners and losers. However, the NFL headlines roll on. So let’s get into this week’s Spinning the Headlines.

Jerome Bettis on Najee Harris pick: ‘These running backs are not a dime a dozen.’

Many believe drafting a running back is not the right move to make on Draft Day. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers went ahead and got their guy anyway. Much to the delight of Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis.

“I thought it was a great pick. I thought it showed their commitment to getting back to running the football,” the former Steelers running back states. “To definitively run the football, you have to have a hammer, and they went out and got a hammer, and now they’re able to philosophically do some of the things they weren’t able to do.”

High praise for the rookie back. Although in the 2020 season, Harris did force 93 missed tackles, of those, 71 were on run plays and 22 on pass plays. Harris generated 821 rushing yards after contact. Second in all of College Football.

Will Harris’ bruising style be enough to win over the skeptics? Or will there still be someone that thinks an O-Linemen would’ve been the more valuable pick?

I think once Harris starts breaking tackles and bulling over defenders, No one will question him as a first round pick.

Kansas City Chiefs Protect Mahomes and Bolster Ranks

The Chiefs signing LT Orlando Brown right before the draft was huge. Even worth giving up their late first-round pick. Then picking up what some call the steal of the draft, LB Nick Bolton out of Missouri, earlier in the second round. #58, to be exact. I have no doubt another #58 is smiling down on that one. Bolton average nine tackles a game at Mizzou.

Pro Football Focus described Bolton.“Brick wall. Opposition will be the one moving backward on contact.” That alone has Chiefs fans excited.

Then turning around and drafting, a six-foot-five, 320 pound Center. Creed Humphrey out of Oklahoma! Rumor is Brown suggested that the Chiefs draft his former teammate. So here is hoping that Oklahoma connections on the offensive line stay strong!

Humphrey appeared in 39 games (37 starts) during his three-year career with the Sooners, tallying 2,488 snaps in that time. So, his experience and durability should be something for the Chiefs to count on. In fact, according to Pro Football Focus, Humphrey didn’t allow a single sack across his 2,488 snaps at center during his career. If that doesn’t make Chiefs fans do the happy dance, I don’t know what will. I know I am dancing.

Then finishing off the draft with a TE, DE, WR, and a Guard. With their Free Agent signings, Chiefs fans should be thrilled to see what their Beloved Chiefs have done this offseason. As we continue “The Revenge Tour.”

Aaron Rodgers

We have all heard what is going on in Green Bay. Keeping up with what is going on, I have to say I really can’t blame Rodgers. That being said, look at other teams. Chiefs just locked up Mahomes for many years. Mahomes even had a hand in picking their first-round pick in the 2020 draft. What does Green Bay do? After Rodgers leads them to the NFC title game. They take his possible replacement! I mean, take a chance on a receiver, an offensive linemen, even a later-round TE. Someone to help him out a bit. That was the spark. From there, it has become ablaze.

To the point that right before the draft. Rodgers says he wants out of Green Bay. Green Bay makes no moves during the draft. Now, the hearsay is they want two first-round draft picks and a second. That’s steep, but almost every team in the NFL would be foolish not to think about it. Rumor mills are swirling. Denver, Minnesota, even Cleveland has been mentioned.

Now, some may say Rodgers is petty, but he can afford to be. He doesn’t have to play. He has plenty of money. So playing to get paid isn’t a need. Plus, since Jeopardy turned out the way it did with him as guest host. No doubt, TV is in Rodgers’ future regardless. But for now, let’s enjoy the show, and hope, as football fans, we get to see Rodgers throw that sweet spiral once again.

Seattle Seahawks Wide Receivers

The Seahawks spend their only top 100 pick of this year’s draft on the speedy D’Wayne Eskridge out of Western Michigan, which made fellow speedster WR Tyler Lockett very happy. Even at just 5’9″, Lockett says about Eskridge, “He’s very explosive!”

That can be said about the top three receivers in Seattle. All of which can run 4.4 or faster in the 40-yard dash. Then throw in Metcalf’s physicality into the mix. You can bet Russell Wilson is more than excited about this pick. gave their pick 6.14 and called him “A good backup who could become a starter.”

With that being said, with Russell Wilson, Seattle is a great place for this young speedster to start his journey to becoming a starter.

Thank you for Spinning the Headlines with me. Come back every week and see what headlines we will be able to spin.

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