Spinning The Headlines: Patrick Mahomes, Greg Olsen, Tyrod Taylor, CeeDee Lamb, And More…

Things have slowed down just a bit in the NFL. However, with the players starting OTAs and mini-camps just around the corner, there is always news to talk about! So let’s get to Spinning the Headlines!

Patrick Mahomes II

Chiefs fans everywhere are sleeping a little better at night, knowing their superstar QB Patrick Mahomes II is ahead of schedule in his rehab from toe surgery.

“If there was a game, I’d be able to play in it, I think,” Mahomes stated, “It’s good to get out there earlier than scheduled and to get some work in.”

With him out there in voluntary OTAs and making a statement like that, Chiefs fans are excited about the upcoming season. Now, we all know that the season is still a while off, but the signs all point to Mahomes and the entire Chiefs organization being laser-focused on avenging last season’s Superbowl loss.

Mahomes has even stated he is eyeing a 20-0 record for the 2021 season. Almost every team eyes an undefeated season, and it has never come to be except for one. But for Mahomes to make that statement, the entire Chiefs Kingdom gets pumped!

Greg Olsen

Former TE Greg Olsen’s 8-year-old son is set to receive a heart transplant. TJ, Olsen’s youngest son, was born with a congenital heart defect in 2012. The young warrior has already undergone three open-heart surgeries and has lived with a modified vascular organ for the past eight years.

Olsen tweeted on Friday that his son has matched with a donor!

“We ask for everyone’s prayers for TJ and his amazing team of doctors and nurses. TJ has a long road ahead of but today is a huge step forward.”

Let’s all take just a minute at the time you read this, and say a prayer for TJ and the entire Olsen family. Send them the healing they will need to get through this!

Tyrod Taylor

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to go out and lead,” Taylor told reporters Thursday.

We all know what has and is going on in Houston. Three months ago, Taylor was signed by the Texans after Deshaun Watson stated he wanted out of the Texans organization, leaving the Texans with just one QB on the roster. Now, the significance of that signing has grown as Watson’s status for 2021 remains unclear.

The Journeyman QB is now QB1 on the depth chart with Jeff Driskel and Davis Mills following behind. Taylor should show leadership, take charge of the locker room and give the rest of the Texans’ players some stability, as he has done throughout his career, for any team he was on. The Texans organization would take that as a win.

CeeDee Lamb

Even with his Cowboys rookie record of 74 receptions last season and his 935 yards, second in club history. The second-year receiver is looking to another Cowboy Hall of Famer for his second year in the league.

Even though he shares the #88 with Cowboy greats Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson, Lamb is looking to Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. Lamb has been seen wearing a bracelet emblazoned with T.O.’s old catchphrase; “Get your popcorn ready.”

With Dak Prescott signed and on track to make his return at the beginning of the season, Lamb looks to make the leap from a solid rookie season into an elite Wide Receiver. We all should have our popcorn ready!

Mandatory Minicamps

Within the next few weeks, most teams will start mandatory minicamps. It always gets a bit more interesting to see what goes on when participation is mandatory instead of voluntary OTAs. Here are a few things to look for.

Will Aaron Rodgers show up? From the pictures circling the internet of him on vacation, I say the chances are unlikely. The pictures of him having a great time could be looked at as a jab to the Packers organization, saying that he really doesn’t need them. When or where will this standoff end? Who really knows, but I am sure it won’t be pretty.

Where will Julio Jones land? There have been all kinds of talk of where the star WR will find a home. Jones asked for a trade months ago, stating he wanted to be traded to a winning team. With the Falcons salary cap situation, it looks to be a matter of when not if. The focus on Jones should pick up, however, the question is, what will it take to make a trade happen?

How does your team’s QB look? Will Tim Tebow make a team? How will things be handled with the virus? Will any team look unbeatable going into the season? Will your team’s moves in the offseason pay off as every fan hopes? We should start seeing answers to these questions and more as mandatory camps start and the 2021 NFL Season begins.

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